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Presidential instructions following meeting of Commission for Monitoring Targeted Socioeconomic Development Achievement Indicators

February 13, 2013

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions issued following a January 23, 2013 meeting of the Presidential Commission for Monitoring Targeted Socioeconomic Development Achievement Indicators of the Russian Federation.

The Government received instructions to submit within a 10-day period a draft Presidential Executive Order on the establishment of the Presidential Council on Housing Policy and Improving Housing Accessibility.

Other instructions to the Government include improving the competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the world’s top research and education centres; drafting federal laws for the implementation of the Strategy for the Long-Term Development of the Pension System of the Russian Federation and the training and retraining of management personnel in the social sphere, technical experts and engineers, as well as attracting highly qualified foreign professionals; disclosure of information on draft regulatory legal acts and public discussions on the issues involved.

Instructions to the Government also concern simplifying procedures for obtaining temporary residence permits for foreign nationals studying at Russian universities and secondary schools, and residence permits and Russian citizenship for foreign experts in areas which are in demand in the Russian labour market; granting additional privileges for university applicants who have completed military service.

The Government, jointly with the presidential plenipotentiary envoys to federal districts, has been instructed to review whether comprehensive and timely methodological and legal support to achieving the socioeconomic development indicators set by the President is being provided, and to take the necessary decisions.

The Government, in conjunction with the executive authorities of the Russian Federation, has received instructions concerning the improvement of the remuneration system at state (municipal) institutions in 2012–2018; more effective measures to promote the employment of persons with disabilities; identifying and providing support to gifted children and young people; prevention of interethnic conflicts; patriotic education and physical development of students at educational institutions.

The Government, in conjunction with the executive authorities of the Russian Federation, has also been charged with monitoring public opinion concerning the efficiency of the heads of executive authorities at different levels, regional and municipal enterprises and institutions that provide vital services to the population. The results of this assessment should become the basis for decisions on releasing the respective officials of their duties.

Instructions have also been issued to ensure the transparency of information on the performance of federal and regional authorities in achieving the socioeconomic development indicators set by the President, as well as the participation of NGOs in this effort.

The Government, in conjunction with the Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights and with the participation of national business associations and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has been tasked to monitor the application of federal laws that exclude the possibility of resolving economic disputes through criminal prosecution.

Instructions have also been issued with regard to a set of measures to improve the housing conditions of families with three or more children.

February 13, 2013