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Second stage of power bridge to Crimea launched

December 15, 2015, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin took part in a videoconference to launch the second stage of the power bridge from Krasnodar Territory to Crimea, which will allow synchronising the Crimean and all-Russian energy systems.

The President also gave orders to build two more lines of the power bridge by May 2016, which would make it possible to accommodate Crimea’s basic electricity needs.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Novak, colleagues, good afternoon,

Energy Minister Alexander Novak: Mr President,

On December 2, you ordered to launch the first stage of the power bridge connecting the Crimean energy system to Russia’s unified energy system. The energy flow since then has amounted to 200 MW. Crimea’s energy system has been synchronised with Russia’s unified energy system.

In line with your instructions, by December 15 we completed the construction and adjustment of equipment to launch the second stage of the power bridge. Within this unique project, we are now commissioning the new Kafa substation with a 220-kV capacity.

We are now in Feodosia at the construction site. This substation was built in a record 18 months compared the standard 30 months. We also laid an additional 4 cable lines across the Kerch Strait, which will now carry power to the Crimean Peninsula at 220 kV. Besides, we built 122 kilometres of power lines that will also be commissioned today, from the crossing point to the Kafa substation. As we reported earlier, during the launch of the first stage we also commissioned the 220-kV Taman substation.

Mr President, given the current capabilities, the launch of the second stage of the power bridge would make it possible to deliver an additional 200 MW of power to the Crimean power system, to reach a total of 400 MW. With their own power generation and this flow, the overall capacity of the Crimean energy system will reach some 1,000 MW. This is 80 to 100 percent of the total needs of the Crimean energy system, depending on time of day, air temperature, wind and solar generation capacities, but not taking into account diesel generators. These are the additional capacities the Crimean energy system now has.

Very importantly, apart from housing, the new section of the power bridge will make it possible to power industrial facilities. This would bring them back to life, bringing the population back to work and allowing for the further development of the Crimean economy.

Mr President, allow me to launch the second stage of the Crimean power bridge.

Vladimir Putin: Please start.

Alexander Novak: Taman substation, please report on the readiness of your equipment.

Nikolai Pozdnyakov: Mr President, this is Nikolai Pozdnyakov, CEO of the general contractor CIUS EEC (UES Centre for Engineering and Construction Management), a subsidiary of the Federal Grid Company. Stanislav Monchinsky represents the state customer, the Russian Energy Agency.

The equipment of the Taman substation required for the launch of the first block of the power bridge is ready. This is the end of my report.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you, Mr Pozdnyakov.

Alexander Novak: Please report on the readiness of the cable for power transfer to the Crimean energy system.

Alexander Nekrasov: Mr President, the underwater cable line of the power bridge, the second line for power transfer is ready. General Director Alexander Nekrasov.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you, Mr Nekrasov.

Alexander Novak: Please report on the readiness to transfer power from the unified energy system to the Crimean energy system.

Boris Ayuyev: Mr President, this is Boris Ayuyev, chairman of the board of the system operator.

The power regime and reserve parameters make it possible to increase capacity transfer to the Crimean energy system. The equipment has been tested, emergency response and relay protection settings are according to plan. Readiness of the Crimean energy system to accept up to 400 MW of power from the unified energy system has been ensured.

Vladimir Putin: Go ahead, Mr Ayuyev.

Dispatcher: Shall we start power system loading?

Vladimir Putin: Go ahead.

Dispatcher: Chief dispatcher of the control centre, please switch on and ensure load increase required for connecting the consumers of the Crimean energy system.

Dispatcher: Switch on the consumers in the Crimean energy system through an increase in the power flow up to 400 MW to the Crimean energy system from the Kuban energy system. Please proceed.

Alexander Novak: Mr President, the second stage of the power bridge has been launched. Transfer of up to 400 MW of additional power has begun.

This ends my report.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you.

Mr Novak, next to you I see the heads of Crimea, while behind you are those who actually did this job. Those on the screen are, of course, not all the people involved. This is a big team of workers, engineers, power industry and network facilities’ organisers.

I would like to thank you all for the outstanding pace of your work – you have done it in a very short time, and I presume the quality is up to the mark. I know you are still fine-tuning the equipment, but I believe that even if you do have any setbacks, you will take care of them promptly. We have new issues to resolve, among them building two more power lines to the Crimean Peninsula by summer, actually by April or May at the very latest, to bring power supply to Crimea of at least 800 MW. This would cover all of Crimea’s needs.

As we said before in Simferopol, we should clearly keep up the pace of work and build a dedicated Crimean power generation system so as not only to meet all the current demand, the needs of the consumers, Crimean residents and facilities, but also to have a reserve for the further development of the local economy. These plans of the power industry and network workers need to be coordinated with the efforts of both the Russian Federation Government aimed to develop the Crimean economy, and the governments of Crimea and Sevastopol. I expect you together to meet these targets, and to do it on time.

I would like to wish you all success and thank you once again for your work.

I would also like to thank the residents of Crimea for their patience, their trust and their courage, their reserve and their faith in us.

Thank you all very much, once again. Thank you.

Alexander Novak: Thank you very much, Mr President.

December 15, 2015, The Kremlin, Moscow