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Instructions following visit to park on site of dismantled Kremlin Building 14

August 1, 2016

Following an inspection of the park on the site of the dismantled Building 14 at the Kremlin on May 17, 2016, Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions for the Culture Ministry, Presidential Property Management Directorate, Russian Academy of Sciences’ Archaeology Institute, Federal Agency for Scientific Organisations, and the Federal Guards Service.

The instructions pursue the aim of further developing the Moscow Kremlin as a museum complex.

The President issued the following instructions:

To complete preservation work on the archaeological shafts in the foundations of the Maly Nikolayevsky Palace, the Church of Metropolitan Alexei, and the Chudov Monastery’s Church of the Annunciation on the Moscow Kremlin’s Ivanovskaya Square;

To complete studies of the foundations of the Ascension Monastery Church of St Catherine on Spasskaya Street in the Moscow Kremlin and present recommendations for their preservation;

To create a new tourism route for the Moscow Kremlin offering tours of the territory without visiting the museums (with a separate entry ticket) and organise the required information support;

To draft and present proposals to establish a full-fledged museum complex based around the unearthed foundations of the Church of the Miracle of Michael the Archangel in the basement rooms of the Kremlin’s Building 14;

To examine the possibility of carrying out archaeological excavation work in the eastern part of the Moscow Kremlin in 2017–2018.

The National Public-State Organisation Russian Military Historical Society, the Culture Ministry, the Presidential Property Management Directorate and the Federal Guards Service have also been instructed to examine the possibility of erecting a cross in memory of the tragic death of Grand Prince Sergei Alexandrovich on the appropriate historical site.

The Culture Ministry and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall inform the UNESCO World Heritage Centre of all aspects of the work carried out at the Moscow Kremlin.

August 1, 2016