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Meeting with Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov

December 27, 2014, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Minister of Civil Defence, Emergencies and Disaster Relief Vladimir Puchkov.

Vladimir Puchkov briefed the President on Emergency Ministry’s performance in 2014 and targets for 2015.

The President of Russia also congratulated all Emergency Ministry employees on their professional holiday, Rescue Worker’s Day, marked on December 27.


President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Puchkov, first allow me to congratulate you and all Ministry employees on your professional holiday – Rescue Worker’s Day. You have achieved a great deal in the outgoing year. Let us discuss in more detail what exactly has been done and what are the Ministry’s plans. Of course, I also want to wish you all the best in the coming New Year.

Minister OF CIVIL DEFENCE, EMERGENCIES AND DISASTER RELIEF VLADIMIR PUCHKOV: On behalf of the entire rescue team, I would like to thank you for your congratulations.

2014 is drawing to a close, and as always we are taking stock of our work. The year has not been an easy one, but the governing bodies of both the Emergency Ministry and the Unified System for Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations have done their job regardless of the complications. All our professional efforts have brought positive results this year.

First, our targeted measures and new operating forms and methods used by our control and supervision agencies helped reduce the number of fires and of damage caused by fires.

A set of preventive and risk management measures in emergency situations helped reduce the number of severe casualties in emergency situations by about 20 percent. Here I am referring to both natural and technological emergencies. We are demonstrating positive dynamics in this area as well.

Third, additional measures involving both federal and regional structures made it possible to save more lives and protect people’s health on the water. Thus, this year we saved 7 percent more lives on the water, and every percentage point stands for human lives.

We have taken additional measures to enhance the readiness of all militarised mine rescue units. We have met all the targets you set for us this year. We now have 20 percent fewer accidents and incidents at mines and metal industry plants, as well as all facilities covered by mine rescue teams. We have created a standby emergency mine rescue corps that works to prevent accidents and therefore reduces the load on businesses and production facilities.

Overall, we have met all the targets set for the year. However, considering the current holiday season, we have alerted all Emergencies Ministry governing bodies and units as of December 25 and until January 11, and we will be performing the complete set of measures aimed at health and safety protection during the holidays. We will ensure the safety of all children’s parties and winter holidaymaking.

Experts predict a growing number of tourists on the territory of the Russian Federation this year. Therefore, together with the regions we are focussing on all the possible traditional holidaymaking locations.

I would like to report that all our plans and programmes for 2015 have been approved. We are implementing the State Emergency Protection Programme until 2020, and in 2015 we are planning to complete the upgrade all the equipment used by our emergency rescue teams that work at large-scale emergencies and fires and to continue forming a powerful airborne landing rescue service. We already have 12,500 people involved in this effort, and in 2015, we intend to continue.

With due account of all the resolutions, we are implementing a programme to refurbish both Emergencies Ministry governing bodies and units with Russian-made equipment and gear. By the end of 2015, the National Crisis Situation Management Centre will complete forming all emergency management control centres in all federal districts and regions of the Russian Federation, including the Crimean Peninsula.

In 2015, we intend to finalise a set of measures to enhance the readiness of civil defence governing bodies and forces, create a corresponding unit and establish materiel and food reserves to resolve civil defence tasks on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula.

I would like to report that the Emergencies Ministry team is ready to implement all tasks in full.

Vladimir Putin: I would once again like to congratulate you on your professional holiday and wish you success.


December 27, 2014, The Kremlin, Moscow