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Russian-Iranian talks

November 23, 2015, Tehran

Vladimir Putin had talks with President of Iran Hassan Rouhani in Tehran.

Following the talks, a package of documents on cooperation in various areas was signed in the two leaders’ presence.

The signed documents included an intergovernmental agreement on simplifying conditions for mutual visits by individual Russian and Iranian citizens, a memorandum of understanding between the Healthcare Ministry of Russia and the Health and Medical Education Ministry of Iran, a memorandum between the Russian Energy Agency and the Energy Ministry of Iran, a memorandum of mutual understanding between the State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank), the Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance, and Central Bank of Iran on promoting the development of investment activity, guarantee support, export financing and trade ties.

The sides also signed a contract on the design, supply of materials and equipment, and construction for the Garmsar-Incheborun railway section electrification project, a contract agreement to build a thermal power plant consisting of four 350 MW power blocs and a desalination plant in the Hormozgan Province, as well as a core contract to fulfil works to find and assess deep groundwater reserves on Iran’s territory.

Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani made a statement to the press.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, ladies and gentlemen,

The Gas Exporting Countries Forum summit was a good chance to talk not only about developing the sector and its current state, but also an opportunity for extensive meetings with Iranian leadership.

We held substantial talks with the President of Iran with participation by the heads of key ministries, agencies and business representatives. These talks were a continuation of our politically intense discussion with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was held this morning.

During the meetings, we had detailed conversations on the full range of our relations in the economy, coordination on the international arena and fighting international terrorism.

You saw that we just signed an extensive package of documents that is designed to encourage interaction in a range of areas. We intend to increase the momentum of our trade ties and will give the necessary attention to expanding product diversification and broader use of our national currencies in mutual settlements.

The Eurasian Economic Union will start examining the possibility of creating a free trade zone with Iran. We will intensify industrial cooperation as well. Russia is ready to allocate a state export credit of $5 billion for this purpose. About 35 priority projects in energy, construction, marine terminals, electricity generation, railways, and other areas have been selected.

We will continue mutually beneficial cooperation in nuclear energy. The first unit of the Bushehr nuclear power plant is already at full capacity, and work has begun on the second and third unit.

We will provide maximum assistance to implement a corresponding action plan within the framework of the Iranian nuclear programme, approved in July by the UN Security Council. Among other things, we will help process enriched uranium and convert manufacturing plants to create stable isotopes for research purposes.

We will continue coordination in the fight against terrorism and strengthen cooperation within the framework of the International Group on Syria, including in order to carry out decisions on launching a comprehensive intra-Syrian political process.

As for the outcomes of the meeting between Gas Exporting Countries Forum leaders, Mr Rouhani already held a detailed news conference on this topic today. I would like to congratulate our friends on successfully holding this major international event and add at this news conference that Russia intends to increase the volume of gas production by 40 percent by 2035.

In conclusion, I would like to thank our Iranian partners and friends for the invitation, and Mr President for inviting me to the event, and for the warm atmosphere that was created during our joint work.

Thank you.

(Answering a journalist's question on the situation in Syria.)

Vladimir Putin: I have a positive assessment of our pilots’ work. Today, I informed our Iranian friends about these matters and we exchanged views on the situation in Syria.

As for our troops’ actions, this is a complex operation involving major satellite support and various air force resources. These include attack planes, bombers, strategic missile-carrying bombers, fighter jets that are covering them, and two fleet groupings in the Caspian and Mediterranean seas, including missile carriers which are striking from the Caspian Sea basin. Naturally, all this is done in agreement with our Iranian partners; I think it would simply be impossible without their participation.

This is complicated, extensive work in coordination and technology maintenance, which serves as evidence of our officers’ and troops’ high level of training. These efforts are bringing positive results and our joint assessment was constructive. But I want to say again that there is no other option for resolving the Syrian problem in the long-term other than through political negotiations.

Thank you.

November 23, 2015, Tehran