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Maria Lvova-Belova visits Chechnya and Daghestan

June 10, 2022

On June 9–10, Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights Maria Lvova-Belova made a working trip to the North Caucasus. The Commissioner visited the Chechen Republic and the Republic of Daghestan, met with the heads of the regions, and visited a number of children’s social institutions.

In the capital of Chechnya, Maria Lvova-Belova visited the Grozny Social Rehabilitation Centre for Minors, the City Psychoneurological Centre for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Children, and the Ibragim Taramov Republican Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Teenagers with Disabilities.

Ms Lvova-Belova also visited a family that is bringing up children she helped return from Syria last February. Two brothers, 7 and 9 years old, live with their grandmother and are adapting to a peaceful life. The regional authorities are providing assistance. They have provided the boys with documents, assigned social payments to them and have helped repair their house.

At the meeting with Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, Ms Lvova-Belova discussed joint efforts in the DPR and the LPR to evacuate minors from the zones of hostilities, assistance to children of Donbass within the framework of the humanitarian project, “Into the Hands of Children.” An agreement was reached to organise a national military-patriotic forum for teenagers in Grozny to be attended by youth with a hard life, and on creating in the region an inclusive tourist route that would be easy for families who raise children with disabilities.

During her visit to Daghestan, Ms Lvova-Belova learned about the work of the Republican Centre for the Development of Education and the Life Without Tears Daghestan Regional Public Organisation for Assistance for Children with Disabilities. She also met with children from a boarding school for orphans, children left without parental care, and held a meeting with representatives of NGOs that are protecting the rights of children with disabilities.

In addition, Ms Lvova-Belova visited a family to which four children aged 9 to 17 years were returned from Syria last spring. Currently, 255 children evacuated with the Commissioner’s assistance from zones of hostilities in the Middle East, live in Daghestan. Another 1,500 families from different regions submitted requests for assistance in evacuating minors.

During a working meeting with Head of Daghestan Sergei Melikov, Ms Lvova-Belova put forward an initiative to open in the Republic a centre to work with teenagers from risk groups, children returned from the Middle East, and graduates of social institutions. The institution of children’s commissioners will support its activities by providing methodological support and financial aid, assistance in training specialists and developing programmes.

June 10, 2022