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Meeting with Mikhail Fradkov and Sergei Chemezov

November 2, 2016, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin met with Mikhail Fradkov and Rostec State Corporation CEO Sergei Chemezov.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: (addressing Mikhail Fradkov) We agreed that you will head the Supervisory Council at Russian Railways but Mr Chemezov came to you with a request, and he also contacted me about using your services at Almaz-Antey, as this is a defence enterprise, and your experience as prime minister and head of foreign intelligence would be quite appropriate.

I am ready to consider this. I would like to once again hear your arguments and your positions.

Rostec State Corporation CEO Sergei Chemezov: Mr President, I believe that Mr Fradkov’s expertise from his previous positions will be quite useful at our Almaz-Antey concern, especially since they have a number of classified design projects there. Mr Fradkov is quite familiar with that. And the information he possesses, I think, will be helpful for him.

Mikhail Fradkov: Mr President, I think it is a tempting offer, it is interesting and suits me, that is, you came to the right person.

After working in the positions you assigned me to earlier, I feel familiar with the subject, it is to my liking. I believe the subject matter is important and worthwhile in all respects.

Vladimir Putin: So you are more interested in that.

Mikhail Fradkov: I am.

Sergei Chemezov: And it will make things easier for me, as my workload is too high.

Vladimir Putin: All right.

Then I have one more request for you. You know about it, we discussed it. I would like to ask you to head the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

Mikhail Fradkov: Mr President, thank you very much. It is a very interesting offer. This is like a package deal – strategic research, and military industrial matters.

Vladimir Putin: To ensure that the findings of the Institute lay the foundation for government agencies in their activities and are communicated to the media and the public.

Mikhail Fradkov: Thank you. I shall do my best.


November 2, 2016, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region