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Meeting with Head of Rostec State Corporation Sergei Chemezov

June 24, 2021, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Sergei Chemezov. The Rostec CEO reported to the President on the state corporation’s performance in 2020 and informed him about its current projects.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Chemezov, we established Rostec all those years ago as an entity that would be able to handle the fragments of the Soviet defence industry that Russia still had, and could organise its work properly to provide our army and navy with modern weapons.

The corporation has undoubtedly fulfilled its mission. In recent years, it has evolved into a diversified group that operates in many fields in the real sector of the economy.

I am aware that you have prepared a report on last year’s performance.

Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov: We traditionally present you with a consolidated report on the performance of our 807 enterprises that are units of the corporation for the past year. Each report has a theme.

This year's theme is Fighting for life, fighting covid. Our businesses have also been active in the fight against covid, producing PPE, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals that have been aiding our doctors and continue to help fight covid.

Nevertheless, although covid restrictions were in effect last year, our enterprises, I believe, performed quite well. Revenue increased to 1.878 trillion rubles, up 6 percent on the year before.

Unfortunately, we have fallen short of the target though: we had planned to cross the two-trillion mark, but that did not work out. I hope we will definitely do that this year.

Vladimir Putin: We will have the Il-114 in 2023.

Sergei Chemezov: Yes, absolutely. In 2023, we will have an IL-114 with our engine.

Vladimir Putin: Mass-produced.

Sergei Chemezov: It will go into production.

I think that next year, in any case, no later than the beginning of 2023, all certification tests will be completed, and we will begin commercial production of these engines and will make the aircraft.

It is a very good aircraft. Even today, it is in great demand already, especially from regional airlines, because it can land on surfaces other than concrete…

Vladimir Putin: This is what it is made for.

Sergei Chemezov: …like unpaved runways, and without the need of any special airport equipment.

Vladimir Putin: Am I right in thinking it can do about one thousand five hundred?

Sergei Chemezov: Flight range – yes, about 1,500, but it all depends on the payload. If it is loaded to capacity, it can fly about 1,500; if it is not, then maybe two, or two and a half.

If half of its cabin space is used for passengers, and the other half for cargo, which is exactly what our partner airlines in the Far East and in the North are asking for, because they need to carry cargo and passengers at the same time, it can easily fly up to 2,000 kilometres.

Vladimir Putin: You mentioned engines. You have an entire group of companies which engages in engine building. What did they manage to accomplish?

Sergei Chemezov: Right. The UEC [United Engine-Building Corporation] is our holding company. We have created another engine for helicopters, which is a very modern one and is a good replacement for the US-made engines. So far, unfortunately, our Ansats are powered by US-made Pratt&Whitney engines.

We created our new VK-650V engine with a takeoff power of up to 650 HP. This engine will go into serial production in 2023. Testing is underway and is about to be completed. We are now doing bench running, next year the engines will be installed in the helicopters, and in 2023 we will launch serial production.

Vladimir Putin: When will the 35-ton high-thrust engine go into serial production?

Sergei Chemezov: For this engine, I believe it will be some time in 2025 or 2026. For the time being, development work is underway. I hope we will have it in 2025, maybe in 2026 at the latest.

Vladimir Putin: It will then be possible to install them on wide-body aircraft.

Sergei Chemezov: Of course. We will do our best to create this engine as quickly as possible.

We have one more engine, the PD-14. We have completed testing, and we will be able to start serial production after we receive the certificates.

We will be offering our airlines ready-to-go aircraft early next year.

Initially, we assumed that we would be installing different engines, US-made ones and ours, depending on a partner’s preference. Our foreign partners may want US-made engines, and in Russia we can provide our engines.

We offer various options. In this situation, the certification has been completed.

Vladimir Putin: I am aware of the problems associated with so-called ‘unfair competition’ in relation to our newest MC-21 aircraft.

Still, when do you think it will be mass produced? When will it take to the air?

Sergei Chemezov: We will launch serial production next year.

Vladimir Putin: We will have an entirely groundbreaking wing.

Sergei Chemezov: This will be a modern innovative wing made of our material, meaning that we will no longer be dependent on anyone.

Vladimir Putin: Good.


June 24, 2021, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region