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Meeting with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia

May 24, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin congratulated Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia on his Name Day.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: I would like to congratulate you on your Name Day, and thank you for your contribution to our efforts to strengthen the country, and of course for your efforts to strengthen the Russian Orthodox Church, thereby strengthening Russia as a whole. Thank you very much.

There is one thing I want to wish for you. Your associates do not want to tell you this, but I will: I wish you would free up your schedule a little.

Patriarch Kirill: Thank you very much, Mr President, for your kind words and for this marvellous cooperation and interaction we are currently seeing between the Russian state and the church with your proactive input. A plethora of good causes are being implemented, and it shows. I believe that all the developments in the relations between society and the church strengthen our people and spirituality, contributing to the peace, wellbeing and prosperity of our society.

Vladimir Putin: Thank you.


May 24, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow