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Working meeting with Acting Governor of Komi Republic Sergei Gaplikov

August 17, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Acting Governor of Komi Republic Sergei Gaplikov to discuss resettling people out of dilapidated housing and the situation with energy sector preparations for the winter heating season.

Mr Gaplikov said that nine times more housing was built in the region over the last 10 months than over the entire preceding period since the programme to resettle people out of housing unfit for habitation began in January 2013. A total 6,760 people will be moved into new housing by the end of this year, and 8,556 people will be resettled by September 1, 2017.

Mr Gaplikov said that another 12,637 people in the republic need new housing, and this requires building another 240,000 square metres of housing.

Mr Gaplikov asked the President to instruct the Government to look at continuing the work of the Fund for Housing and Utilities Development and the programme for resettling people out of dilapidated and unfit housing.

Mr Putin recalled that Komi Republic had problems last winter with energy and heat supplies and asked how the preparations for this winter are going. Mr Gaplikov spoke about the existing problems related to the fact that the energy system has undergone hardly any modernisation over recent years and breakdowns have become more frequent.

The Energy Ministry has listed the energy systems in Vorkuta and Intinsk as being in a crisis situation that threatens breakdowns and unreliable work, and has taken additional measures to address the problems.

The Government has provided aid to the region to get the energy system into working condition in time for the heating season, Mr Gaplikov said, but the system owners have not taken the needed steps to get the system into proper shape.

The Acting Governor asked the President to instruct the law enforcement agencies to sort out this complicated situation. Mr Putin said that this kind of irresponsible attitude towards work must be stopped.

August 17, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow