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Meeting with Igor Rudenya

March 2, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Igor Rudenya, during which he announced his decision to appoint him Acting Governor of Tver Region.

In 2005–2007, Igor Rudenya served as State secretary and Deputy Agriculture Minister. In 2008–2012, he headed the Agro-Industrial Complex Department in the Government of the Russian Federation.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Rudenya, you know what we are here to discuss; we already talked earlier. You are a very experienced person: you headed a government department and served as a deputy minister. So I hope you will put your knowledge, experience and organisational skills to use in your new job.

Igor Rudenya: I will do everything to justify your confidence and be an effective leader in this region.

Vladimir Putin: Tver Region is not a resource region: it has no oil or gas, but it has many sectors where you can certainly achieve success; the people are very hardworking and talented, and the region has a very rich history, so you have much to work with.

Igor Rudenya: Indeed, I studied the region and it is very very rich in its historical roots, traditions, and most importantly, its people, its population. The people there are very good, and the region’s environmental potential is very strong. We will do everything possible for the region to improve its indicators soon.

Vladimir Putin: The production sector and agriculture – it truly has some good capacity.

Igor Rudenya: It is the largest region in the Central Federal District.

Vladimir Putin: I very much count on you to work hard enough over the next six months to prove to people there that you can head the region further.

Igor Rudenya: I will do everything possible – and, I hope, the impossible as well.

Vladimir Putin: Very well.


March 2, 2016, The Kremlin, Moscow