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Meeting with Kirov Region Governor Igor Vasilyev

November 26, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin met with Kirov Region Governor Igor Vasilyev to discuss the socioeconomic situation in the region, in particular healthcare and education.

The Governor updated the President on the digitisation of healthcare in Kirov Region. He said that 100 percent of the documents in this sector had been digitised, 12 percent of doctors’ working premises had been computerised and all doctors in the region now use PCs when receiving patients. This allows the authorities to monitor the purchasing and prescription of medication and also helps cut spending in the system of mandatory medical assistance by 20 percent. The region now has an air ambulance service with 44 helipads located near hospitals. The helicopters are equipped with life support facilities for emergencies, including heart rate monitors and blood transfusion equipment. There are remote monitoring systems for patients with heart disease, in particular for those who have had coronary artery bypass surgery. Telemedicine is also gaining ground.

The governor also reported on the situation regarding roads. Because the region was included in the presidential programme for safe and high quality roads, 105 kilometres of roads were repaired in the Kirov urban area in 2017 and 126 kilometres in 2018. The local authorities have synchronised several programmes concerned with a comfortable urban environment, the building of heating mains and roads, so that the people will notice improvements, including more greenery, new pavements and repaired roads.

Igor Vasilyev also told the President about the construction of kindergartens and schools, in particular, in small towns. The regional authorities have proposed turning schools into cultural and education centres in towns with a population of up to 25,000 people and large companies interested in attracting more staff. The proposed centres will include concert halls and swimming pools that will be open for children during the day and adults in the evening. The President said this was a good idea and instructed the governor to personally oversee the implementation of the project.

Other issues on the agenda included moves to encourage young people to remain in the region and the completion this year of the programme for the relocation of people from old and dilapidated housing.

November 26, 2018, The Kremlin, Moscow