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Working meeting with Head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov

May 31, 2022, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Head of the Republic of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov, via videoconference. The head of the region reported to the President on the socioeconomic situation in the region.

Alexei Tsydenov spoke about what has been done in the region over the five years that he has been heading it.

Over the period, more than 1,500 kilometres of roads and 78 bridges have been repaired and a new runway has been built. As per the President’s instruction, the region broke ground for a third bridge over the Uda River in Ulan-Ude. Thanks to the President’s decision to subsidise air transportation, the number of passengers travelling through the Ulan-Ude airport has doubled.

In five years, 27 new kindergartens and 18 schools have been built. With Government support, 17 more schools, kindergartens and nurseries will be built in 2022 and 2023. Buryatia now has 85 new healthcare centres including a surgical wing at the children's hospital, a perinatal centre, a nuclear medicine centre, as well as new health centres and outpatient clinics in rural areas. A cutting-edge cancer early treatment centre with 150 beds has been completed.

As for culture facilities, a new national library has been built; rural culture centres and libraries are being built in villages and towns, as well as rural cinemas.

Over the past five years, the region has built 71 new sports facilities, including sports grounds, football pitches, and wrestling gyms. Bigger ones include an indoor archery range and a martial arts centre; the construction of an ice arena is nearing completion.

As for the region’s core economic sector, which is agriculture, last year Buryatia saw an all-time record grain harvest.

Buryatia has begun the development of the largest zinc deposit in Russia, the Ozyorny mining and processing plant. The local aircraft plant, the bridge building plant, the locomotive repair plant, and the pulp and cardboard mill have enough contracts to keep them running and have secured more for the future. The Baikal Textile Plant has opened.

Local housing construction is growing thanks to subsidised mortgages and other support measures.

Alexei Tsydenov thanked the President for his attention to Baikal. On direct instructions from the President, the region has begun building treatment facilities and protective dams. The uniqueness of Lake Baikal is also a tourist advantage, and last year, investors became more active in building hotels and tourism infrastructure in the area.

The Head of Buryatia dwelt on the issue of substantial air pollution, a problem that has been troubling Ulan-Ude residents for many years. The city has 67,000 private homes with coal or wood heating. Local authorities believe that electric heaters are the only possible solution. Power grid modernisation projects would cost an estimated seven billion rubles. Alexei Tsydenov asked the President to support this proposal.

Mr Tsydenov also raised the issue of cooperation with Mongolia, which borders Buryatia. Cultural exchanges are expanding, and a number of economic projects are underway. Mr Tsydenov noted that Mongolia needed agricultural specialists, veterinary doctors, medical personnel, engineering experts, construction workers and Russian language teachers. Buryatia trains specialists in all these fields. Consequently, the Head of Buryatia suggested establishing a modern inter-university campus involving all local universities. The campus would primarily accommodate students from Mongolia and, possibly, northern China and Korea. The Ministry of Education and Science is now conducting a tender for the best national campus construction project for the 2023–2025 period. Mr Tsydenov suggested setting up such a campus in the republic.

The Head of Buryatia also noted that service personnel from the republic were involved in the special military operation in Ukraine. They are honourably carrying out their duty, protecting people and facilitating Russia’s strategic security. The Russian Defence Ministry nominated Lieutenant Baldan Tsydypov for the title of Hero of Russia. He was severely wounded, his foot was amputated, and he will need many more operations. During an unexpected attack on his convoy, he turned around his armoured personnel carrier, engaged superior enemy forces and disabled enemy equipment, eventually saving 150 of his comrades. Mr Tsydenov asked the President to support the Defence Ministry’s recommendation that he be awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

Vladimir Putin said he supported this proposal and added that relevant instructions to deal with the other matters raised by Mr Tsydenov would be submitted to the Government.

At the same time, the President noted that there were high-priority matters that needed attention, such as rundown and dilapidated housing. The solution to this problem is within reach. Vladimir Putin instructed Mr Tsydenov to discuss this matter with the Government and to find a solution on the basis of existing legislative decisions.

Vladimir Putin also noted positive industrial and agricultural trends in the republic but underscored persisting high unemployment levels. The President advised Mr Tsydenov to pay special attention to the labour market, all the more so as there are some attractive investment projects requiring a substantial workforce. All one has to do is organise the relevant work.

The President thanked Mr Tsydenov for his work and wished him every success.

May 31, 2022, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region