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Meeting with Head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov

March 14, 2023, Ulan-Ude

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Head of the Republic of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov.

Alexei Tsydenov spoke about what the republic is doing to implement presidential instructions and national projects. He reported on the construction of new schools and kindergartens, road improvements, repairs to cultural facilities, and the construction of medical institutions, including an oncological centre and a nuclear medicine centre.

As for general macroeconomic indicators, the gross regional product has been consistently growing since 2017, as well as the industrial production index, which amounted to 110.5 percent in 2022, according to the head of the republic. Construction also posted good numbers, growing by 77 percent in 2022.

The budget’s own revenues, excluding federal subsidies and grants, are also growing: by 24 percent in 2021, and by 19 percent in 2022. Unfortunately, the budget security index is not the best. There are also certain difficulties with the overall implementation of the budget, but the dynamics are positive.

Every year the average monthly salary goes up, and its growth exceeds inflation by three percent.

Separately, Mr Tsydenov spoke about how the republic supports the special military operation. In Buryatia, there is a strong volunteer movement, people have come together: some sew camouflage uniforms, knit nets, or make various kinds of military gear. The republic also provides assistance: over the past year, including January of this year, two billion rubles were allocated from the budget to support the SMO.

March 14, 2023, Ulan-Ude