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Visit to Zotov Centre

May 30, 2023, Moscow

Vladimir Putin visited the Zotov Centre constructive space where he toured an exhibition, Development of Creative Economy in Russia, and talked with creative industry representatives.

Accompanied by Director General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) Svetlana Chupsheva, the President visited an exhibition devoted to the achievements of Russian entrepreneurs in the area of creative economy. He was told about the contribution of creative industries to the national economy and about training of professionals in this area.

Vladimir Putin examined stands on architecture and urbanism, fashion and culture, design and tourism. The exposition features Russian brands of clothing and footwear, bijouterie and other jewellery, watches and accessories, handicrafts, domestic entertainment content, including cinema, video games, animation and music, technological devices and specific examples of regional tourism development.

The Zotov Centre was opened after the reconstruction of the building of the former Moscow Plant Bakery No. 5 in November 2022. Its projects are devoted to studying the theory and practice of constructivism. The exhibition space includes pieces from various Russian museum collections and private collections.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Everything is very interesting and promising.

Please briefly summarise everything and give it to Ms Chupsheva. We will try to review it with our colleagues in the Government.

Almost every area you represent and promote has a future. Each area is of interest and deserves support from the state. I do promise you that we will analyse every area.

I cannot say for now to what extent your plans will be realised, or more precisely, your expectations will be met, but we will try to do our best. Again, everything is very interesting and impressive.

May 30, 2023, Moscow