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Meeting with Novosibirsk Region Governor Andrei Travnikov

May 16, 2023, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with Novosibirsk Region Governor Andrei Travnikov via videoconference.

Andrei Travnikov noted that he reported on the region’s key 2022 performance results in January and spoke about changes in the first quarter of 2023. The region's economy remains stable. Industries that have picked up a good pace continue to expand. In particular, the manufacturing industry grew by over 5 percent. The agro-industrial complex performed well and remains Siberia’s second largest industry in terms of output and first in terms of exports. Infrastructure development programmes are underway. The Clean Water project will be completed within two years and by late 2024 almost all urban residents in the region and over 90 percent of rural residents will have access to clean drinking water from centralised water distribution systems. Much effort will go into developing gas infrastructure in the region. Gazprom’s share of investment has increased ninefold. The construction of residential housing and social facilities is proceeding at a fast pace.

According to the Governor, assistance for the sponsored Belovodsky District in the Lugansk People's Republic is being provided under a separate programme. In addition to repairs, it includes the constant presence of Novosibirsk doctors, teachers, and utilities workers in that district.

Andrei Travnikov noted that supporting military personnel who perform their duty as part of the special military operation and their families is a top priority compared to other major challenges and programmes. A regional project has been launched to provide comprehensive rehabilitation to those wounded in the special military operation. The project includes social adaptation with 34 free training programmes for new professions and assistance in finding employment.

Plans are in place to build a rehabilitation centre. A parcel of land with utility connections has been allocated in a resort area. In this regard, the Governor asked the President to support the implementation of this project.

The President asked about the priority socioeconomic development territories in the region. Andrei Travnikov said the socioeconomic situation was favourable with zero unemployment and no decline in individual income. There are two such territories in the region, the Linyovo and the Gorny. Linyovo is home to an electrode plant and Gorny has a plant that makes railway equipment.

Andrei Travnikov also answered the President's question about the Tolmachevo Airport. Last year, 7.6 million passengers were served, and a wide-scale investment programme is underway. He noted that in February the President took part in the ceremony for opening a new terminal. The investor plans to continue working on this project with the second and third phases coming soon. The second part of this major effort includes renovating runways to accommodate the growing capacity. A new contract was signed recently with a Novosibirsk contractor to continue work on the second runway.

Vladimir Putin raised an issue about the Siberian Circular Photon Source shared research facility (SRF “SKIF”). According to the Governor, the erection of the foundation blocks for the synchrotron under construction will soon be completed. This is a unique piece of equipment that is unmatched anywhere in the world. All of it was manufactured by the Russian enterprises with the bulk of the work performed by a pilot production facility operated by the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but the cooperation is broad and includes Novosibirsk-based companies and other machine-building enterprises and electronic industry enterprises. The beam should be ready to go in 2024.

The President noted the region’s effective financial policy as evidenced by the regional budget surplus and the Governor’s focus on social issues, including dilapidated housing. However, he brought the Governor’s attention to the fact that ambulance crews and vehicles were in short supply and schools and kindergartens were unable to meet the demand in full.

According to the President, the Governor's written requests will be reviewed and submitted to the Government.

Andrei Travnikov said his term of office as the Novosibirsk Region Governor was coming to an end that year and said that he considered himself a member of a large national team and was ready to take on any challenge, therefore he would like to take part in this year's election campaign in order for the Novosibirsk residents to cast a vote on his performance, and he hoped to have their support.

The President said that, overall, the Governor and his team were successful in fulfilling the goals assigned to them, made good calls determining the main areas of growth and achieved good results in critical areas, identified challenges and dealt with them. The President also wished Andrei Travnikov every success in his work.

May 16, 2023, The Kremlin, Moscow