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Winners of 2021 Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists announced

February 7, 2022, Moscow

Vladimir Putin signed the Executive Order On Awarding the 2021 Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists.

Deputy Chief of the Presidential Directorate for Science and Education Policy Denis Sekirinsky, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev and Chairman of the Coordinating Council for Youth Affairs in the Sphere of Science and Education under the Presidential Council for Science and Education Nikita Marchenkov announced the winners’ names at a news conference.

The annual prize for young scientists was established in 2008. It is awarded for meaningful contributions to advancing Russian science, for creating new equipment and technologies that can boost the innovative development of the economy and social sphere, as well as strengthen the national defence capability.

* * *

Executive Order On Awarding the 2021 Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists:

Having considered the proposals of the Presidential Council for Science and Education, the President has resolved:

To award the 2021 Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists and the Honorary Title of Holder of the Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists to:

Alexandra Dubrovina, PhD (Biology), senior researcher at the Federal Scientific Centre of East Asia Terrestrial Biodiversity at the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, for the development of innovative approaches to the induction of RNA interference and the directed regulation of plant genes;

Arseny Kubryakov, PhD (Physics and Mathematics), lead researcher at the Marine Hydrophysical Institute Federal Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, for achievements in the study of the dynamics of ocean processes and their effect on the biological characteristics of marine ecosystems;

Leonid Skripnikov, PhD (Physics and Mathematics), a senior researcher at the B.P. Konstantinov St Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics at the Kurchatov Institute National Research Centre, for a series of papers promoting the theory of the electronic structure of heavy element compounds in search of new physics and studies of the nucleus structure.

February 7, 2022, Moscow