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Maria Lvova-Belova visits Kabardino-Balkaria, the Voronezh and Kaluga regions and the Republic of Buryatia

June 7, 2023

In May 2023, Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights Maria Lvova-Belova made working trips to several regions, including the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic on May 5, the Voronezh Region on May 17, the Kaluga Region on May 19 and the Republic of Buryatia on May 26.

Maria Lvova-Belova and the heads of these regions discussed topical issues regarding children’s affairs and the implementation of strategic programmes of the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights, including the establishment of day-care centres for children and families with disabled children, facilities for teenagers, and the development of the street social service for working with teenagers. Regional leaders supported all initiatives of the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights.

The Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights also chaired meetings with the heads of local executive agencies on protecting the rights and legitimate interests of underage children, visited children’s and social institutions and took part in significant social events.

While visiting the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic and the Voronezh Region, she discussed issues of concern to families of service personnel involved in the special military operation.

While in Kabardino-Balkaria, she supported the Children of Heroes project that aims to create a comprehensive system to support and accompany such families. The provision of professional psychological counselling for children is one of its important aspects. This work will involve specialised agencies, and an institution of individual counsellors for children will be created. While in Voronezh, Maria Lvova-Belova met with the wives of service personnel involved in the special military operation. Members of her staff undertook to examine all issues, mentioned by them.

The Kaluga Region is already implementing a number of projects put forward by commissioners for children's rights. This year, for example, the Kaluga Region will receive a new centre for teenagers, made possible after it won a nationwide competition. Maria Lvova-Belova met with Governor Vladislav Shapsha, and the two agreed to set up a job placement service for teenagers that would boost employment levels and provide career guidance for teenagers. She also took part in the Child’s Soul Festival, held for the first time at the initiative of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office with the assistance of the regional government and the Kaluga Metropolitan See of the Russian Orthodox Church. The event aimed at motivating young people to achieve significant social goals.

Tuyaa, Russia’s first ethnic centre for teenagers, opened in Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia, as part of the Teenagers of Russia programme. The centre’s staff tell children about the culture of the republic’s indigenous people, as well as their history and traditions, in an informal setting using an easy-to-understand and engaging format. In all, 24 facilities for teenagers have opened in Russia on the initiative of the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights, and it is expected that there will be 65 of them by the end of the year.

The Head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov informed the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights about a project called From Scratch, aimed at rehabilitating alcohol-and-drug dependent parents and their children. The project is to create favourable conditions allowing families to overcome difficult situations in life.

Maria Lvova-Belova flew to the capital of Buryatia together with Lyudmila Badmayeva, who holds the honorary title of Mother Heroine. Her family is raising 10 children. Her husband is a hero, too; he fought in Chechnya and is currently involved in the special military operation.

June 7, 2023