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Meeting with Lipetsk Region Governor Igor Artamonov

January 12, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin held a working meeting with the Governor of the Lipetsk Region via videoconference. The discussion focused on the region’s socioeconomic development.

Igor Artamonov started his report by describing the current efforts to support the families of the mobilised citizens. He said the authorities have complete information on every family and know what they need – gas, water or payment holiday.

The Governor said that the main goal for the economy is to stabilise the situation because the region has almost 300 companies with foreign participation. This situation was fraught with risks of destabilising the labour market. However, some investors replaced others, and the transfer of ownership is underway. It did not undermine the labour market.

Moreover, the authorities agreed to revive the Lipetsk Tractor Plant in cooperation with their Belarusian partner, the Amkodor holding, and the Russian Transmashholding. This enormous plant, which used to be a flagship, is in ruins. The Governor expressed hope that the agreement will be signed and production resumed in the near future. Mr Artamonov asked the President to support this undertaking with tax benefits. First of all, it is necessary for the plant to become part of the special economic zone, which will allow its investors to enjoy benefits.

As for agriculture, in 2022 the region gathered a record soybean harvest and showed good grain results. The export potential of the Lipetsk Region’s agricultural sector grew 40 percent, which includes exported oil. The region has launched a big plant for manufacturing soybean products. Investment in the agricultural sector has reached 95 billion rubles in the past three years.

The Governor also spoke about the growth of real wages as well as social contracts – support for people beyond the poverty line – and the development of primary healthcare. However, he said the region is facing problems with the birth rate and needs financial aid in this context as well.

Mr Artamonov spoke about the revival of the Prometheus children’s camp built in 1977. The year-round camp with two schools was the fourth biggest in the country and accommodated up to 1,300 children per session. Unfortunately, its private owners neglected it. Today, the region has included it in its asset list and started funding it. The site will have an intellectual centre that will turn it into a camp with an emphasis on IT. The Governor asked the President to include it in a related federal programme, which requires a presidential instruction.

Vladimir Putin thanked the Governor for taking care of the families of mobilised personnel and asked him to continue paying due attention to this. The President noted that in general, the Lipetsk Region is performing well in all major areas – GRP growth, industrial production, investment in fixed assets and the labour market.

Responding to the President’s question, Mr Artamonov spoke about the region’s efforts to carry out the national project on housing construction. The region is focusing on this project now because major industrial construction projects have been completed and building companies must be given as many permits for housing construction as possible.

Summing up the meeting, the President said that the Governor and his team should continue prioritising environmental protection.

January 12, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region