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Meeting with Head of the Federal Taxation Service Daniil Yegorov

November 22, 2021, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Head of the Federal Taxation Service Daniil Yegorov who updated him on the agency’s current operations.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Yegorov, how is the work going and how are you fulfilling the plan? This is a highly important matter.

Head of the Federal Taxation Service Daniil Yegorov: Good afternoon, Mr President. We are seeing very good tax revenues on a par with economic growth. The Federal Taxation Service manages 80 percent of the tax revenues of all budgets, including extra-budgetary funds. Consequently, we prioritise the system’s sustainable, high-quality performance. In January-October, we obtained revenues worth 23 trillion rubles, or 37 percent more than 2020 levels. Considering the abnormal 2020 period, even compared to 2019, we have boosted revenues by 23 percent, and we are still seeing substantial growth.

Regarding our forecast for late 2021, total revenue will reach 28 trillion rubles, up seven trillion rubles.

Vladimir Putin: On 2020 levels?

Daniil Yegorov: Yes, Mr President, on 2020 levels. In this regard, the figures are pretty good. This concerns the economy, as well as rising hydrocarbon and metals prices. All these factors have generated a positive effect, and we should also add the tax management effect.

Regarding income tax, as reflected by wage balance sheets, we have expanded these volumes by 17 percent, and small businesses are achieving 20 percent growth.

Vladimir Putin: Does this indirectly prove that real wages are on the rise?

Daniil Yegorov: Yes, you are absolutely right. In our opinion, the assistance to small businesses last year greatly affected wage indicators.

By the way, we have also assisted businesses since early 2021. We manage subsidy payments, and this programme swung into action in early November, as per your instruction. This includes subsidies for maintaining corporate wages. We have already paid over 22 billion rubles to more than 300 companies and to thousands of companies run by individual entrepreneurs that employ over 1.7 million people.

Vladimir Putin: All right, let’s discuss more specific matters. You go ahead, please.


November 22, 2021, The Kremlin, Moscow