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Meeting with Prime Minister of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh

September 3, 2019, Ulaanbaatar

Vladimir Putin met with Prime Minister of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh. Among other things, the Russian President invited the Prime Minister to visit Russia.

In addition, the Russian leader noted the importance of the Treaty of Friendly Relations and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the Russian Federation and Mongolia, which was signed on this day.

* * *

Prime Minister of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh (retranslated): Mr President of the Russian Federation, it gives me great pleasure to say that our entire nation is very happy that you are paying an official visit to this country.

Your visit is taking place at a historic moment, when we are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Khalkhin Gol. Today, we have a holiday so that everyone has the opportunity to watch your visit live on television.

The Mongolian and Russian people share an age-long history of good relations and friendship. Our nations were also together during the difficult war years and during the years of peaceful construction.

Our fathers and grandfathers forged this strong friendship and we must not forget to revere and preserve the memory of the feat of valour committed by our fathers and grandfathers, who fought together for our independence.

We have also followed your visit: the heads of the two states have discussed a vast range of issues related to bilateral relations and cooperation, and a number of documents have been agreed and signed, which are of much importance for our bilateral relations.

As a result of your visit, our bilateral relations have been taken to a new level, a level of comprehensive strategic partnership.

In late May of this year, the Mongolia-Russia Intergovernmental Commission held a successful meeting, where a broad range of issues related to our bilateral relations and cooperation was discussed.

I would like to note very active and effective work being done by Mr Gordeyev, Russian Deputy Prime Minister and chair of the Mongolia-Russia Intergovernmental Commission.

I would like to wish you a pleasant stay in this country.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Prime Minister, thank you for this meeting. I am very glad to meet you.

It has been a long time since the head of Mongolian Government set foot in Russia. I would like to extend an invitation to visit our country. I hope that the related agencies and foreign ministries will coordinate the date of your visit within a brief timeframe and will prepare your working visit to Russia.

I fully share your position on the importance of the Treaty of Friendly Relations and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, which was signed today. I hope that it will help us advance based on the strong foundation of previous decades.


September 3, 2019, Ulaanbaatar