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Ceremony for presenting state decorations

December 20, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow

The ceremony for presenting the highest state decorations of the Russian Federation took place at the Kremlin’s St Catherine Hall.

The highest state decorations were presented to outstanding Russians for their activity in education, research, medicine and healthcare, industry, agriculture, maritime transport, and in a number of other spheres.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends,

Welcome to the ceremony for presenting state decorations.

Today, we will be honouring outstanding Russians: heroes, trail blazers, creators, people of courage and action who have made a tremendous contribution to developing the country and proven their worth at this challenging and crucial juncture.

Our country has had to deal with challenges and stand up for its sovereignty many times. Today, Russia faces the same challenges. On the frontlines of the special military operation, soldiers, officers, militia members and volunteers have been demonstrating exceptional courage and self-sacrifice.

Military personnel who performed their combat missions with exceptional valour will receive the Hero of Russia title, which is the highest decoration of our Motherland. We are proud of each one of you and admire the resilience and courage of those who stood up to defend their homeland in the hour of need and performed their military duty in the combat zone, helping bring life back to normal on our new territories.

Love for the Motherland, for one's fellow countrymen and fellow citizens is a powerful driving force that inspires us to achievements and victories. And this sense of devotion to our country and people comes, of course, first and foremost, from the family – from the values and moral compass that we learn from birth from our dearest and closest people.

Today’s audience includes beautiful women, for whom motherhood has become a real calling. In their large families they bring up beautiful children and undoubtedly deserve the honorary title Mother Heroine.

It is very important to support and protect family ties. People of our traditional religions, including the Russian Orthodox Church, devote themselves to the revival of our spiritual, culture and ancestral traditions, and to social service. Metropolitan Yuvenaly devoted himself wholeheartedly to this path.

Here we have teachers, doctors, factory workers and other people who have devoted themselves to various professions. All of you add to the glory and wealth of Russia.

Viktor Rashnikov dedicated more than half a century to the legendary Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. He did a lot for the development of this native plant and the whole metallurgical industry. The title Hero of Labour rightfully marks his merits.

Radiy Ilkayev, an outstanding physicist, enjoys unquestioned authority in the academic community. His research and fruitful organisational and educational work has served to create a reliable nuclear shield and unlock Russia’s rich scientific and technological potential.

The crew of the Christophe de Margerie LNG tanker and its captain Sergei Gen are helping with the important national goal of strengthening the position of our country in the Arctic and expanding sea transport corridors.

Olga Tambovtseva has worked in the agribusiness sector for decades. She is successfully engaged in one of the most complex and demanded areas – livestock breeding.


All of your achievements are inspiring examples for society, for our citizens, above all, for young people. With your deeds and actions, you are literally writing the country’s history and creating a foundation for future breakthroughs and achievements.

I thank you and warmly congratulate you on receiving these high state decorations and honorary titles.

Thank you for your attention.


Vladimir Putin: Friends,

Today, as it has been already noted, we are really living in difficult and unusual times. We keep saying all the time that we are in unusual times, that we are not on a continuous holiday. At all times, a country and every person, if he or she is developing and moving forward, have to overcome certain difficulties on this road. Otherwise, there is no forward or upward progress. That said, today the difficulties are particularly pronounced. There is no doubt that our military, our warriors in the special military operation zone are faced with the most complicated, demanding and dangerous tasks.

I said, and this was recalled today, that I sincerely consider all of them heroes – all those who are carrying out this difficult, demanding and dangerous service. They put themselves in danger every second. I believe the overwhelming majority of our people are thinking about this. I am thinking about it all the time. We certainly wish them success.

Of course, we cannot congratulate everyone today. What is taking place here now is symbolic. Not everyone who received decorations is with us. Many have not yet received decorations but deserve them. Those who left us, leaders such as Alexander Zakharchenko – the first head of the Donetsk Republic, are not here. We will never forget about them. There were civilians who did not spare themselves while helping other people, including soldiers. They were involved in resolving the most important and difficult tasks.

There are people from different generations, different fields and different vocations in this hall today. They are mothers who are bringing up many children and who get us on our feet. They are teachers and scientists who are creating a basis for development. They are instructors and people of art who are shaping our mentality throughout our lives. And all of them are Russia! They are the power and reliability of our country. The better all our people are working – those who set the pace for forward movement – the stronger this power becomes. These people are you.

I congratulate you on your well-deserved decorations of the Motherland and wish you all the best.

December 20, 2022, The Kremlin, Moscow