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Maria Lvova-Belova visited Pskov and Kirov regions

July 11, 2023

In July 2023, Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova made a working trip to the Pskov and Kirov regions.

During her working meetings with the governors of the Pskov and Kirov regions, Maria Lvova-Belova discussed pressing issues concerning children – in particular, work with teenagers, support for families that have children with disabilities, and efforts to prevent social orphanhood.

During the trip to the two regions, the Commissioner for Children’s Rights chaired meetings to address the protection of rights and legitimate interests of minors, toured children’s and social institutions, and took part in events of social importance.

The governors of the Pskov and Kirov regions supported the Commissioner’s initiatives: to create public spaces for teenagers in the regions, open day-care centres for children with disabilities, and develop the Children in the Family service to support families in difficult life situations aiming to ensure that children live in their families rather than in institutions. Prior to the visit, members of the Commissioner’s office visited the two regions to inspect institutions for orphans, children left without parental care and children from families in difficult life situations and drew up recommendations to improve their work.

Under the strategic programme of the Commissioner for Children’s Rights, Russia’s Teenagers, work is underway in the regions to create advanced public spaces for adolescents to spend quality free time, communicate with friends and receive support or psychological advice from their mentors, which is essential for those in difficult life situations.

Launching day-care centres for children with disabilities is among the objectives of the Commissioner’s strategic programme, Life-Long Support.

While in the Pskov Region, Maria Lvova-Belova toured the Defenders of the Fatherland regional fund for supporting participants in the special military operation, where she met with the servicemen’s wives and widows. The meeting focused on efforts to provide support for military personnel’s families. In addition, Maria Lvova-Belova was informed about the work of the Centre for Curative Pedagogics and Differential Learning, which trains and educates children with special needs and disabilities. Together with Pskov Region Governor Mikhail Vedernikov, she presented car keys to families with many children.

During her visit to the Kirov Region, Maria Lvova-Belova toured the centre of regional public organisation for parents of children with disabilities, Following the Path of Kindness, as well as the Nadezhda orphanage and Boarding School No. 1 in Kirov. She also met with families who seek to adopt or foster children and discussed pressing matters with them.

Kirov Region Governor Alexander Sokolov, who had previously approached Maria Lvova-Belova requesting methodological assistance, thanked the Commissioner’s team for their work and assistance. The Governor also accepted Maria Lvova-Belova’s proposal for the region to host the 2nd National Forum To Live and Be Raised in a Family.

July 11, 2023