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Meeting with Accounts Chamber Chairperson Tatyana Golikova

July 15, 2016

Late last night Vladimir Putin met with Accounts Chamber Chairperson Tatyana Golikova to discuss how funds allocated for small and medium-sized businesses are spent.

Tatyana Golikova told the President about the completed expert evaluation of current state support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises, including taxation policy, federal budget subsidies, involvement in state procurement, and lending programmes for SMEs.

According to Ms Golikova, the year 2015 showed a positive trend and an increase in the number of people involved in small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as a 10-percent increase of the SMEs share in the budget revenues.

The Chairperson also reported on two programmes funded from the federal budget. The first programme is administered by the Economic Development Ministry and supports small businesses. The second is run by the Agriculture Ministry and targets improvements in farming. There is also a Fund to support small enterprises that focus on small innovative projects. A total of 39 billion rubles were spent in support of approximately 250,000 entrepreneurs.

The recently established Corporation for Small and Medium Business Development has already supported 3,345 projects and provided 17.8 billion rubles in guarantees, which paved the way for the attraction of some 38 billion rubles in loans to this sector.

Ms Golikova also reported that the Federal Taxation Service’s registry for SMEs and taxation is expected to be launched on August 1, 2016. The Chairperson believes the data collected by the Federal Taxation Service will provide a full picture and the means to develop a comprehensive approach to support and foster small and medium enterprises.

July 15, 2016