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Meeting with Acting Head of Republic of Adygeya Murat Kumpilov

August 30, 2017, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Acting Head of the Republic of Adygeya Murat Kumpilov to discuss the current socioeconomic situation in the republic and the complaints sent in by local residents during the Direct Line with the President regarding issues such as resettlement from dilapidated housing and the situation in education and healthcare.

Vladimir Putin: What is the situation in the republic?

Murat Kumpilov: Overall, Mr President, the socio-political and socioeconomic situation is stable.

The republic has posted stable macroeconomic growth over these past years. This year, our industrial production index was 106.8 percent and our own revenue increased by 17 percent. Harvesting has been completed and we had a winter wheat harvest of 48 quintals per hectare. Work is going ahead.

Vladimir Putin: How long have you been working now, how many months?

Murat Kumpilov: I have been Acting Head of the Republic since January, and before that, I spent several months as speaker of the Republic’s parliament.

Vladimir Putin: That is not so long. Do you already have a sense of the biggest issues?

Murat Kumpilov: Mr President, before this, I was the Republic’s Prime Minister for 8.5 years, and we identified the growth spots we see now for Adygeya, namely the industrial park not far from Krasnodar, the village of Yablonovsky. We are working closely with the federal government to resolve the infrastructural bottlenecks.

The same goes for Yuzhgazenergy, which is producing gas in the region, 1 million cubic metres a day. We plan to build an industrial park close by to the gas production site. Another big project is the Lago-Naki resort, our tourism sector project. Work is underway in this area as well.

Vladimir Putin: You know that the new school year is just around the corner. We are meeting to discuss the complaints that local people made during the Direct Line. I would like to begin with this.

People are concerned over the dilapidated state of school infrastructure. As the former prime minister, you must be aware of this situation, and so I bring it to your attention now. “Leaking roofs in the classrooms, mildew” and so forth. People say that repairs of kindergartens and play areas ‘is entirely on the parents’ shoulders’, ‘the school has no gym and does not even have a toilet’ and so on.

You must pay particular attention to the condition of school buildings and the school infrastructure in general, of course. These complaints have not come in just by chance.

Another matter now, typical for all regions. There are many unresolved issues in healthcare, but one of the complaints that came in stands out from what I have seen regarding other regions.

People write about a new ‘service’ – the sale of beds in hospital wards. In other words, doctors send patients to hospital, but the hospital staff say they have no beds, even though the wards are empty. If you pay 4000 rubles, they find you a bed.

You must be more attentive, carry out the necessary inspections and get to the bottom of situations such as this.

I will not mention the other issues now. They are numerous, and, of course, they are issues of great concern for our people. It is clear that the people who wrote in and called the Direct Line are those who face these problems themselves.

The majority of people do not face these issues, but those who send in such complaints do encounter these problems and find no effective solution to them.

I hope greatly that you, as, I hope, the Republic’s future head, will succeed in resolving many of these matters.

I hope that the people living in the Republic will see the results of your work.

Murat Kumpilov: Thank you very much, Mr President.

I will certainly get to the bottom of every complaint sent in by the local people and we will do everything possible to ensure that people see positive change in the executive bodies’ work.

I would like to thank you once more for the confidence that you placed in me when you appointed me Acting Head of the Republic. We will do all we can to live up to your high expectations.

Vladimir Putin: The most important thing is to live up to the local resident’s expectations. I hope they support you. You are not a newcomer and you know the situation well. Please use your knowledge and experience to resolve these issues effectively.


August 30, 2017, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region