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Visit to Zhelundinsky nature and wildlife reserve

May 22, 2014, Amur Region

The President concluded his trip to Amur Region with a visit to the Zhelundinsky nature and wildlife reserve of regional importance.

Vladimir Putin participated in one of the Amur Tiger Study and Conservation Programme events: releasing into the wild tiger cubs that had been prepared for independent life.

The three orphaned tiger cubs that were released into the taiga today were found in this region. The current age of the two males and one female is about 1.5 years and they are ready to live in the wild without human assistance. However, during the next year, they will be monitored with the help of satellite collars, which will automatically unfasten in 12 months.

The Amur Tiger Study and Conservation Programme has already been underway for several years. Its main objective is to study the distribution range of the Amur tiger populations, the migration routes and number of these animals on Russia’s territory, and the way they use the landscape. The animals are fitted with special GPS collars and transmitters, which allow their movements to be monitored and prevent them from encountering humans. Currently, a whole group of tigers of different ages is under observation by researchers with the use of satellite collars.

May 22, 2014, Amur Region