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Meeting on infrastructure development for Vostochny Space Launch Centre and future rocket complexes

September 6, 2019, Amur Region

On his way from Vladivostok to Moscow, Vladimir Putin made a stop in the Amur Region, where he chaired a meeting on developing infrastructure at Vostochny Space Launch Centre and future rocket complexes.

Prior to the meeting the President visited the space launch centre’s facilities and reviewed progress in the construction of a launch complex for Angara heavy-lift rockets.

* * *

Beginning of meeting on developing infrastructure at Vostochny Space Launch Centre and future rocket complexes

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues,

We came here today to discuss progress in developing infrastructure at Vostochny Space Launch Centre. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the country’s most important construction project of national significance. We will also discuss certain matters related to developing future rocket complexes.

As you know, competition is on the rise on the global market for space-related services. More and more countries have their own space programmes.

In order to maintain our leadership, including in manned missions, Russia needs to be consistent in consolidating its competitive advantages, make efficient use of its existing scientific, technological and human potential, as well as effectively develop its own space infrastructure and create a competitive industry for innovative space-related products and services.

Let me reiterate that more and more countries are becoming proactive in developing advanced rocket complexes. Russia has always enjoyed a commanding lead in this sector, despite all the technological and manufacturing challenges that all other space powers face as well. In order to maintain and even expand this lead, we need to come up with technological solutions of the future and stay one step ahead.

Among the priorities is the creation of a next-generation medium-lift launch vehicle. The estimated start date for its flight tests is 2022. It is required for launching unmanned spacecraft into low Earth orbit, and also as a key element in the super heavy-lift launch vehicle project. This will be our next step. We will talk more about the planned line of launch systems today.

I would like to note the following right away: when developing new equipment, it is necessary to make sure it is competitive, both in terms of specifications and price. This requirement applies not only to rocket systems. In general, I ask you to focus on optimising the cost of the products manufactured by Roscosmos companies, and also to work out measures that in the future will reduce the cost of space systems and space launches while ensuring their quality and certainly absolute reliability. This is the number one priority for our entire space industry.

Now about Vostochny Space Launch Centre. Today I am expecting a detailed report on the current stage of the construction of its facilities and how the deadlines are being met. Once again, I would like to emphasise: the entire ground infrastructure under construction here must meet state-of-the-art requirements and standards, to launch our future advanced systems.

Five launches have already been made from Vostochny. Now its capacities must, I want to emphasise this, must be used to the fullest. I know that Roscosmos has such plans for the next year, and we just talked about this with the head of Roscosmos. I would also like to hear more about these plans today.

I know that there is still a lot to be done for the space centre’s further development. I expect a more responsible attitude from you and a more dynamic pace of work. All deadlines absolutely have to be met, including the first flight using a super heavy-lift launch vehicle. The launch should take place from Vostochny, as we have already agreed, in 2028.

Let us now discuss separately an important topic – the social infrastructure surrounding the space centre. We have repeatedly said that Vostochny and the town of Tsiolkovsky should be among the areas of growth in the Far East, and should help enhance the human resources in this region. I ask you to report today how the space centre employees’ housing issues are being addressed, and what is being done to attract qualified personnel, especially young people.

Let us move on to discuss all the issues that have been outlined.


September 6, 2019, Amur Region