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Instructions following a meeting on the development of Far Eastern cities

May 5, 2023

The President approved a list of instructions following the meeting on the development of Far Eastern cities on March 14, 2023.

The instructions are aimed at expediting infrastructure projects in the cities of the Russian Far East, specifically, in the Republic of Buryatia, the Trans-Baikal Territory, and the Amur and Sakhalin regions.

The cabinet of ministers was also instructed to plan the construction of an industrial and logistics cluster in Chita (the Trans-Baikal Territory) and extend the list of priority state border checkpoints in the region. The instructions concerned closing an intergovernmental agreement between Russia and China on the new Russia-China land-based grain corridor, to increase the production of grain in the Far Eastern, Ural and Siberian federal districts, and to increase the grain exports to the Chinese market.

Additionally, the cabinet of ministers was instructed to provide conditions for the construction or renovation of several social facilities, including a university campus in Buryatia, a military school and Kadala Airport in the Chita municipal district, and penitentiary facilities in Buryatia and the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Gazprom and regional executive bodies were instructed to develop gas service installation schedules for the Republic of Buryatia, the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Amur Region until 2032.

The instructions for the Government and the executive bodies of the Far Eastern regions include modernisation of the utilities infrastructure and engineering network maintenance, development of the transport system, including the construction of railway overpass bridges and stations, and bringing roads to regulatory standards.

The Government, the executive bodies of the Trans-Baikal Territory and Russian Railways were instructed to synchronise the construction of a railway connecting Choibalsan and Bichigt (Mongolia) with the Government of Mongolia.

The Defence Ministry was instructed to consider building a new navigation facility for the Pacific Fleet at Aniva Cape (the Sakhalin Island) and to determine, in cooperation with the Federal Security Service and the National Guard, the timeline for repositioning the military airfield of the Aerospace Forces from Chita.

May 5, 2023