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Congratulations on centenaries of Kulakov Velsk Museum of Local History, Kargopol State Museum and Solvychegodsk Historical and Art Museum

July 6, 2019

Vladimir Putin congratulated organisers and guests of the centenary celebration of the Kulakov Velsk Museum of Local History, the Kargopol State Museum and the Solvychegodsk Historical and Art Museum in Arkhangelsk Region.

The message reads, in part:

“Founded by the inhabitants of the Russian North, true selfless patriots and enthusiasts, these exciting and truly unique museum complexes are famous for their rare collections and are rightly considered among the top cultural and architectural landmarks of Arkhangelsk Region. They feature priceless manuscripts and archival documents on major events in Russian history, portrait paintings, crafts items, and amazing archaeological and ethnographic finds that narrate a tale of authentic rites and traditions of the local ethnicities. This is the reason why these wonderful museums enjoy persistent attention from both Russian and many foreign tourists from across the world.

Words of deep appreciation go to the staff. Thank you for your sincere devotion to your work, for your great, meticulous and much-needed efforts, and for the warmth and hospitality with which you greet your guests.”

July 6, 2019