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Meeting with Arctic mortgage recipients

December 11, 2023, Arkhangelsk

Vladimir Putin held a videoconference meeting with participants in the Arctic Mortgage programme.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, good afternoon. I am happy to see you.

Today Arkhangelsk will host a meeting on the socioeconomic development of the region and Arctic cities. I see that here on the screen, opposite me, are the people and families who were the first to receive preferential mortgages that were intended for the Arctic regions.

Before the meeting with my colleagues, I would like to ask you about and hear your opinion on how this instrument works, what else can we do to make it less difficult and more effective, what is the quality of the housing provided, and how well is the social and transport infrastructure being developed: I mean how you get to the places where you live, how you get there.

I would like to hear your opinion about the availability of the number of shops and kindergartens, how quickly and in what manner you can get to healthcare facilities, and everything else that is necessary for a normal and comfortable life.

Please, who would like to and has something to say on this matter? I am simply asking you to help me in the work that my colleagues and I will have to do in discussing these issues.



December 11, 2023, Arkhangelsk