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Working meeting with Bryansk Region Governor Alexander Bogomaz

May 26, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Bryansk Region Governor Alexander Bogomaz via videoconference.

The President and the governor discussed the socioeconomic situation in Bryansk Region and the measures against the coronavirus.

The governor reported that the region currently has 3,156 COVID-19 patients. More than 50 percent (1,681) people have recovered and 31 people have died. The current number of patients in hospital is 980 while 74 percent of allocated hospital beds remain available. Twenty patients are connected to ventilators.

The testing capacity is being constantly increased. Five laboratories are conducting 1,500 tests on a daily basis. Three thousand hospital beds have been created. Currently, 1,721 beds are functional, including 1,556 that are supplied with oxygen and 190 equipped with ventilators. As many as 2,153 medical workers are involved in treating patients. There are 131 ambulance teams and 250 ambulances available.

The region organised the production of personal protection equipment, specifically, 100,000 face masks per day. A new factory is operating in a trial mode and will become fully operational as of July 1 to produce 120 million masks per month.

The local economy is recovering; industrial and construction companies have re-started operations. Agricultural companies continued operating all this time, as did the road construction industry, housing maintenance and utilities and energy companies.

The governor also spoke about the support measures for small and medium-sized businesses and the public, including families with children.

Alexander Bogomaz asked the President for assistance in resolving two social issues. He reminded the President that Bryansk Region had been affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Currently, 353,000 local residents live in the area of radioactive contamination, which has an impact on their health. The Bryansk Regional Hospital built in 1976 currently needs a new outpatient clinic and an in-patient building, which requires funding from the federal budget.

The governor’s second request concerned residential construction. Over the first four months of this year, the region increased the scope of completed housing by 80 percent. Construction projects continue at two sites that will provide housing to over 35,000 families. The region needs financial aid to build a school there for 1,225 pupils.

The President promised to issue a respective instruction to the Government and stressed that the region should still co-finance the projects.

When asked by the President about the most important investment project in his opinion, Alexander Bogomaz mentioned the modernisation of the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant that is about to release a new shunting diesel locomotive, the Zhukovka Cycling and Motor Equipment Company, the Bryansk Car Company that is currently expanding production, the Klintsy Motorised Crane Company, a tannery launched in 2019 and a cardboard factory that plans to almost double its production. The agricultural industry also receives substantial investment.

Vladimir Putin stressed that it is necessary to address the problems of high quality drinking water supply to the people in the region, the level of personal income and issues of the construction industry in general, including residential construction.

Alexander Bogomaz noted that his term of office will expire in September and said that he would like to run for Bryansk Region Governor in the upcoming election.

The President said that he would not object to this decision but stressed that in the long run, it is for the voters to decide the final outcome. Vladimir Putin noted, however, that it would be the right decision considering the governor’s performance since 2015. The President mentioned such results as the increase in the gross regional product, the growth of industrial production and the increase in foreign trade and retail sales. All these indicators exceed the nationwide average. Investment into capital assets has also gone up. The unemployment rate has been rather low in the past years.

Vladimir Putin wished Alexander Bogomaz every success and thanked him for the progress achieved so far.

May 26, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region