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Instruction following the trip to Sevastopol

September 7, 2017

The President approved a list of instructions following a working trip to the city of federal importance Sevastopol on August 18–20, 2017

The Government of the Russian Federation was given instructions concerning renovation, restoration and construction of several cultural sites of Sevastopol, and the construction of social facilities and utilities infrastructure.

The Government jointly with the Defence Ministry, executive bodies of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, were instructed to take necessary decisions to preserve the records of Russian nationals’ service in the Ukrainian army, military units and law enforcement agencies (for retirement and housing benefits). An instruction was issued to submit proposals on amending the legislation of the Russian Federation, if necessary.

Instructions to the Government jointly with the Defence Ministry, executive bodies of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol also concern civil engineering to develop Balaclava Bay, in particular, building a marina, improving the waterfront and adjacent areas, and setting up a city park in Sevastopol with a memorial to the Defenders of Sevastopol 1941–1942.

Instructions to the Government jointly with the Presidential Executive Office, the Defence Ministry, and the Sevastopol government with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences concern the development of the Tauric Chersonese (Khersones Tavrichesky) Museum and Reserve.

The Government jointly with the Presidential Executive Office, the Interior Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, executive bodies of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol with the participation of the Supreme Court were instructed to analyse cases of refusal to grant citizenship and issue a Russian passport to individuals residing in the Republic of Crimea and in Sevastopol, and to take measures to eliminate groundless refusals to grant Russian citizenship, and to ensure compliance with legally prescribed deadlines for application processing and adopting decisions thereon.

The Government of Sevastopol was given recommendations on protecting the rights and legal interests of land owners and land holders and land users during the drafting and implementation of the city’s master plan, and also with regard to completing of gas infrastructure development in Sevastopol by 2020.

September 7, 2017