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Working meeting with Acting Head of Daghestan Vladimir Vasilyev

March 13, 2018, Makhachkala

Vladimir Putin had a working meeting with Acting Head of the Republic of Daghestan Vladimir Vasilyev. After the meeting, the President and Acting Head of the Republic walked around the centre of Makhachkala and spoke to residents.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr Vasilyev, we have already started discussing the situation in the republic and met with the residents of two districts. It was very interesting to hear about life in the villages where they live and the republic as a whole.

You already have an opinion on what to do for the development of Daghestan in the near future. Considering this understanding you received during specific, albeit short-term work, what do you think it is necessary to focus on in the near term?

Acting Head of Daghestan Vladimir Vasilyev: Mr President, in talking to people – I attentively watched their reaction – you said the following: we must build such relations that will allow people, no matter where they live, to feel protected, rather than left behind. So, I understand that this is our task now as well.

So, to begin with, we are resolving the social issues we have and also carrying out the executive orders and obligations we have. This is the first point. But that said – you also mentioned this subject today – we see that the republic can do a lot itself (incidentally some speakers mentioned this, people remember when Daghestan was a donor, people want to be proud of this).

We just started our first meetings and you saw what wonderful people we have. One man says: “No need to put him behind bars. Just talk to him.” In other words, people do not want to go to extremes. This is how we try to work in this whole area. We talked about filling stations and markets. I will meet with the builders in the next few days. There are questions: the volume of construction is big but we do not see any tax revenue.

As I already joked, genies are probably doing the building, because there are up to 10 people at the construction site, while there should be at least one hundred builders, according to the payroll. We then pay for what they have not earned.

So we started to address this issue systematically. It is nice that people see it, appreciate it and expect us to continue. Thank you very much for your support. So, we will now add resources, in addition to those provided by the federal centre. Thank you very much.

Your meeting today is also important for me. You touched on the issues of education and schools. Today you heard that one burned down, and another is dilapidated, so we have to do something with schools in the mountains. We will work on this.

By the way, thank you very much, almost all the key ministers have already visited us at your instruction. They will come now for the second time. You spoke about education today, that it determines the fate of both family and country. That is right. We already had a meeting, Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilyeva came, her deputy Sergei Kravtsov came twice to the region. Now we have a group working on ensuring that all students have a real diploma as a graduate of a Daghestan secondary school, not just a piece of paper that has no value.

We are now seriously working on the National Final School Exam (EGE) issue, so that children of Daghestan have an advantage from the very beginning as they set out in life. You know how it has been, unfortunately: ‘My parents have money, so I’ll skip to the front’. This should be done away with, of course.

Therefore, starting with education, we will move forward solving problems, guided by people’s impressions. For example, today’s meeting was very useful.

Vladimir Putin: Very well, thank you.


March 13, 2018, Makhachkala