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Meeting with flood victims in Irkutsk Region

July 25, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow

Vladimir Putin invited victims of the floods in Irkutsk Region to the Kremlin. The meeting was held at the President’s hospitality office. The meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Chair of the Government Commission on Flood Relief Vitaly Mutko.

In Irkutsk Region, 10,900 residential houses that were home to 42,700 were flooded in 109 populated localities. The floods have also affected 11,000 household land plots, 86 social facilities and 49 stretches of motor roads; 22 motor bridges have been damaged. Twenty-five persons died and 7 are missing.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.

I hope you had no trouble getting here. Is everything all right?

You know that almost 6,000 children, 5,700 to be exact, lived in the flood-affected zone, where you lived too. We suggested that all of them leave for the holidays. 3,600 applications were submitted and 1,300 parents declined the invitation for various reasons. About 1,600 children have left for the holidays already. No, almost 2,000 children, 1,799 to be exact, have left for the holidays and another 1,600 are leaving today.

They are heading for different destinations. The Black Sea: Artek or Orlyonok; Tikhiy Okean in Vladivostok. Some of them are travelling to neighbouring regions, such as Krasnoyarsk Territory or Irkutsk Region. In addition, Mongolia has offered to accommodate our children. We are not declining the proposal either and will be happy to send them there.

When we met on location, I suggested that you travel to one of the establishments run by the Presidential Administrative Directorate. I am referring to the Dagomys complex. It is located right on the seashore. You will like it.

But I would like to expand your programme somewhat. Since you arrived in Moscow today and will depart by plane from Moscow, you should take the opportunity to see the city. We will organise a sightseeing tour for you.

After that, the children will be taken to a clinic for a check-up, just in case. It is hot in the south at the moment. Doctors must examine them to see if there are any counter-indications, just in case.

And tomorrow, I suggest (if you want to, of course) – I think it will be interesting – that you fly to St Petersburg. You will see St Petersburg and – the boys will find it particularly interesting – I invite you to the naval parade. It is a beautiful and colourful pageant. I think everyone will like it.

Do you have any questions?

How are your main problems being dealt with? I mean those related to housing, money compensations, and the like.

Tamara Amirova: Our problem has been solved. We have a new house.

Vladimir Putin: Thank God.

Do you have any unsolved problems? Something that remains unsolved? Compensations, housing? I have invited Mr Mutko here, you never know if something has not been done.

Tamara Amirova: Oh, no.


July 25, 2019, The Kremlin, Moscow