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Greetings on Kamchatka Territory’s 15th anniversary

July 1, 2022

Vladimir Putin sent greetings to Kamchatka Territory residents on the 15th anniversary of the territory’s formation.

The message reads, in part:

“The merger of the Kamchatka Region and the Koryak Autonomous Area in 2007 was a landmark event for the Russian Far East and the entire country. It opened up new opportunities for the robust socioeconomic development of the region and for strengthening the great potential of local industry and agriculture.

It is important today to set and attain long-term, ambitious goals, and to focus on attracting investment, implementing large-scale infrastructure projects and creating modern jobs. And, of course, support for the tourism sector is a key goal as Kamchatka is an amazingly beautiful, pristine area famous for its unique nature, powerful volcanoes and thermal springs, interesting hiking and rafting routes, and the kindness and hospitality of its residents.

I wish you success in implementing the plans you have to the benefit of your native land and Russia in general.”

July 1, 2022