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Visiting Solnechny Gorod Children’s Creative Academy

November 29, 2019, Nalchik

Vladimir Putin visited the Solnechny Gorod (Sunny City) Children’s Creative Academy in Nalchik and looked over the young designers and engineers’ projects.

The Sunny City Children’s Creative Academy has been operating since January 2016 and currently has 43 classrooms and laboratories, a gym, an assembly hall, a conference room, a choreography hall, a library, legal education and a life safety class, a Yury Temirkanov music class and Mikhail Shemyakin visual arts class. The Academy includes a lyceum for gifted children with 250 students in Grades 6–11 who have passed natural science and math tests; a centre for further education (about 6,000 students aged 5 to 17) offering art, social-pedagogical, natural science and technical programmes; Quantorium children’s technopark (robot-, nano-, cosmo-, IT- and energy quantums); the Antares regional centre for selecting and supporting gifted children in the arts, sports, education and science, offering subject-oriented 21-day training camps.

The President visited several Quantorium classes. In the robotics class – robo-quantum – the President was shown several models of an autonomous robot designed for recycled garbage collection in urban areas. In the energy-quantum, Vladimir Putin was shown a model of a small mobile hydroelectric power plant designed for remote mountainous areas. In the nano-quantum class, students showed photoelectronic materials that they developed. The President also talked with the cosmo-quantum class students and visited the Academy’s Young Rescuer class.

November 29, 2019, Nalchik