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Opening of the Night Hockey League’s fifth season

October 7, 2015, Sochi

The NHL Stars team of ice hockey veterans and the NHL team played a gala match at Sochi’s Big Ice Arena to mark the opening of the Night Hockey League’s fifth season.

Vladimir Putin played for the NHL Stars team at the event, scoring 7 goals during the match. The competition ended with the NHL Stars beating the NHL team 15:10.

 * * *

 President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends!

 Today, we are opening the Night Hockey League’s fifth anniversary season. I congratulate you all on this event.

 Thanks to the efforts of hockey stars from the Soviet and Russian periods, this project has been a success. Thank you friends, for your contribution to developing the Night Hockey League.

 Of course, I also congratulate the amateur players on this event, people like myself, for example, who have not been involved in professional sport as our outstanding players have.

 I want to say that I am grateful to you not only for your personal participation, but also because your example encourages millions of people in Russia to take up fitness and sport, not only hockey, but also athletics, gymnastics, shooting, all kinds of sport.

 Those who move forward and strive for victory will certainly achieve it. I wish you all success!

October 7, 2015, Sochi