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Meeting of the Russia – Land of Opportunity Supervisory Board

October 4, 2019, Sochi

A meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Russia – Land of Opportunity autonomous non-profit organisation (ANO), chaired by Vladimir Putin took place at the Science and Art Park of the Sirius Educational Centre.

The meeting participants discussed the key results of the organisation’s work and priority areas of activity, as well as new projects for the platform Russia – Land of Opportunity.

The autonomous non-profit organisation Russia – Land of Opportunity was established by Presidential Executive Order in May 2018. Its key goals include creating a proper environment for increasing social mobility, ensuring personal and professional self-fulfilment of citizens and creating effective social elevators in Russia.

* * *

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, friends,

Today, we are holding the first meeting of the Russia – Land of Opportunity ANO Supervisory Board.

I have some rather lengthy opening remarks that were written for me, so I’ll pass on them. I want to listen to what you have to say, so we do not lose time with general statements.

Recently, we developed and created a set of mechanisms designed to identify talented and promising people who can do things properly.

First of all, of course, we count on young people so that the social elevators work not over the phone or through good connections, but based on objective criteria and apply to the entire country.

I will not go over these tools now, as there are a lot of them. I even think, and I will discuss this later with Mr Kiriyenko [First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office], that there are too many of them.

Maybe take one, two or three, focus on them and spread them throughout the country. However, this should be based on an analysis of what is happening in real life.

Overall, I want to say that this system works, and I was very pleased to see the materials covering the results of this work.


October 4, 2019, Sochi