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Maria Lvova-Belova opens first joint camp session for teenagers from DPR and Russia

August 7, 2022, Krasnodar Territory

One of the summer camps in the Krasnodar Territory has launched a special session for social and psychological rehabilitation of children who survived hostilities, as well as for an immersive experience in Russia’s cultural and educational environment.

“The Day After Tomorrow” is the first session of the eponymous programme, sponsored by the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights, for rehabilitation of children of Donbass. A team of various experts participated in the development of its content. In particular, the Moscow Region Centre for Social Innovations helped plan day-by-day psychological support during the session. The experts will help children overcome their post-traumatic conditions caused by the military operations and the consequences of other crises and will help them raise their self-esteem and unlock their potential. Specialists from the Sirius Centre have made a large contribution to creating the educational module: they prepared a series of workshops on various subjects, from robotics to the history of Russia.

The session brought together 200 students aged 15 to 17 – 170 teenagers from the Donetsk People's Republic and 30 Russian peers from children's public councils under regional commissioners for children's rights across Russia. They will spend three weeks taking advantage of the self-realisation opportunities provided by Russian non-profit public organisations and universities, psychological workshops including career guidance, sports and creative events.

August 7, 2022, Krasnodar Territory