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Yevgeny Zinichev appointed Acting Governor of the Kaliningrad Region

July 28, 2016

The President signed the Executive Order On the Early Termination of Powers of the Kaliningrad Region Governor.

Following the request of Kaliningrad Region Governor Nikolai Tsukanov for the early termination of powers and in accordance with the Federal Law On General Principles of Organisation of Legislative (Representative) and Executive Bodies of State Power in Regions of the Russian Federation, the President hereby:

1. Accepts the resignation of Kaliningrad Region Governor Nikolai Tsukanov at his own request.

2. Appoints Yevgeny Zinichev Acting Governor of the Kaliningrad Region until the next elected governor of the Kaliningrad Region takes office.

The executive order takes effect from the day of signing.

* * *

Vladimir Putin met with Yevgeny Zinichev late yesterday evening.

July 28, 2016