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Opening of Nyagan GRES

September 24, 2013, Nyagan

Vladimir Putin and President of Finland Sauli Niinistö participated in the opening ceremony for the Nyagan GRES thermal power plant.

Construction of the power plant was carried out by the Russian-Finish energy concern Fortum within the framework of its investment programme in the Urals and Western Siberia. The Nyagan GRES will become one of the largest thermal power plants in the world operating at latitudes north of 62 degrees. After the launch of two generating units that are currently under construction, the power plant will have an overall capacity of 1,254 megawatts.

Before the opening ceremony, the presidents of Russia and Finland had a look at the power plant’s model and visited the first generating unit’s engine room.

Speech at opening ceremony

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, friends,

We are opening the Nyagan GRES thermal power plant, built by the Russian division of the Finnish company Fortum. The work by Fortum is an example of successful cooperation between Russia and Finland. I am particularly pleased to see our friend, President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö, at this ceremony.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed their efforts and professional knowledge to this high-tech facility. This project was fully implemented from the ground up.

The power plant has a very good location, next to a gas source that it will use to operate. Electricity generated here will be supplied to the Urals, support Western Siberia’s economy and enter Russia’s common power supply system. And given that we are exporting a certain amount of electricity to Finland, it will also help improve energy security and energy supply stability for the Republic of Finland.

The Fortum Concern is implementing a major investment programme in Russia, investing large amounts of funding in modernisation of existing facilities and building new ones. Its work in Russia demonstrates the positive momentum of Russian-Finnish cooperation overall. We value the quality and speed of our cooperation.

I will not repeat what the experts already said concerning the volume and quality of work, as well as the cutting-edge technology that was employed here. All this is impressive and leads us to believe this facility will operate successfully. We hope this will not be our last joint project.

Please allow me to once again thank all the participants in this project and wish them success.

Thank you.

President of Finland Sauli NIINISTÖ (re-translated): Mr President, ladies and gentlemen,

I am very pleased that today’s working visit has brought me here, to Nyagan, to the opening of the power plant built by the Fortum Corporation. I have visited Russia several times, but so far, this is the most exotic facility.

We have long-standing traditions of Finnish-Russian cooperation in energy, and Fortum is not a new player on the Russian market. Indeed, it could be called an old-timer, because this company entered the Soviet market in the 1950s. The investments made by Fortum in recent years are particularly significant. Among them, this power plant is the largest project.

In spite of long-standing traditions, each new milestone deserves attention, particularly the opening of such a massive project as the Nyagan GRES. This is a major investment programme, not just for the company, but also for the whole country.

Although the distance between Helsinki and Nyagan is over 2,000 kilometres, we are not that distant in spirit, because Nyagan sits at the same latitude as central Finland. And we, Finns and Finnish companies, are quite familiar with conditions in the North. We are not afraid of the cold, and we are not afraid of Siberia.

I am confident that we – Finns and Russians – have great prospects for cooperation here in the northern latitudes, because the starting points are excellent. Finns have a great deal of experience in Arctic projects; for example, we build good icebreakers, and we have been using our experience and knowhow in these conditions for decades.

Typically, the further north you are, the harsher the environment. We all want to develop economic activity and create jobs in the North as well, but the results of our work should be long-lasting.

Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies are a very important factor. In this regard, Fortum’s Nyagan GRES can serve as an excellent example.

I would like to wish the Fortum Corporation, its management and staff, Nyagan and other Russian cities success, energy, and further innovative achievements.

Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I hope thatsuccessful energy cooperation between Russia and Finland will continue.

Thank you.

September 24, 2013, Nyagan