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Meeting with Head of the Republic of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov

June 8, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin had a meeting, via videoconference, with Head of the Republic of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov.

The President congratulated the residents of Karelia on the Republic’s 100th anniversary.

The conversation began with the discussion of measures to counter the coronavirus infection. Artur Parfenchikov said that as of June 8, there have been 656 infected people in Karelia; 406 of them are new cases, 246 have recovered and unfortunately three people died. Overall, the situation in the Republic is under control.

Medical workers are receiving incentive payments; citizens with children, other vulnerable categories and social workers are getting social support.

Karelia’s authorities have managed to avoid shutting down industrial sectors, agriculture and construction sites. Measures are being taken to support businesses, and restrictions are being gradually lifted. Karelia is a tourist region, therefore decisions are being considered to reopen tourist destinations and facilities.

According to Mr Parfenchikov, the production index reached almost 114 percent in January-April. Investment in fixed capital grew by 24 percent in the first quarter of 2020; the average salary rose by 7.7 percent. The government of the Republic has approved the 2020–2021 action plan to restore and normalise economic activities.

Social issues such as healthcare, education and culture were also discussed.

Mr Parfenchikov admitted that despite the efforts and positive results, there are still many problems in the region with the Republic being listed among Russia’s top ten regions with the lowest socioeconomic potential.

On April 10, the Russian Government approved an individual programme of the Republic’s socioeconomic development for the next five years, which will include the allocation of additional 5 billion rubles for the region’s development .

Vladimir Putin drew attention to some problems such as the reduction in agricultural production, decrease in the resident population, a large share of dilapidated housing, problems of single-industry towns, as well as gas supply issues. The President asked Mr Parfenchikov to work on these issues together with the Government, Energy Ministry and Gazprom.

The President wished the Head of Karelia success and promised to consider all his written requests and issue relevant instructions.

June 8, 2020, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region