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Meeting with Mikhail Kotyukov

April 20, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region

Vladimir Putin met with Mikhail Kotyukov via video call. The President signed Executive Order appointing Mikhail Kotyukov Acting Governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Mr Kotyukov.

Mikhail Kotyukov: Good afternoon, Mr President.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Kotyukov, you do not need me to tell you what the Krasnoyarsk Territory is all about since you were born and worked for many years there, moved all the way up to the position of Deputy Governor, were in charge of the region’s economy and finance and of higher school and science in the central office. You now serve as Deputy Finance Minister. What is there to say, you know what the Krasnoyarsk Territory means for Russia and how important it is for the country. I think you are a good fit as a leader of an important constituent entity of the Russian Federation like the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Mr Kotyukov, do you think you are ready?

Mikhail Kotyukov: Mr President, thank you very much for your trust and the support that you have never stopped providing in Moscow and for tending to the Krasnoyarsk Territory’s issues.

I will use all my potential and all my capabilities to address the most pressing issues of the people of my native land. And I count on your support.

Vladimir Putin: What do you think are most important issues in the region?

Mikhail Kotyukov: Mr President, this is a large region with numerous northern territories. Harsh climate conditions are a traditional challenge. The focus is invariably on expanding the energy complex and developing the utility infrastructure, ensuring transport connectivity within the territory and transport accessibility for the people of the region, as well as providing the necessary infrastructure.

The heavy burden on the environment in every sense of the word has always been quite a sensitive and important issue for Krasnoyarsk Territory residents, in fact, in their everyday lives.

Of course, the social sphere where the state interacts with individuals on an ongoing basis is extremely important and must always be monitored.

Mr President, with the current situation in mind and the attention that you pay to these matters, I believe social support for the participants in the special military operation and their families residing in the region is of critical importance and is a high priority.

These issues are always important for the region. There are many rural territories that also require permanent… although the Krasnoyarsk Territory is an industrial region with diverse industrial infrastructure, rural areas and agriculture have always been very important sectors, an area of promising development. Of course, there are many details in these areas, and I hope to study the status of them as soon as I can. In this context, I would like to ask you for the opportunity to report on this in more detail after this update.

Vladimir Putin: This is what we will do, Mr Kotyukov. I have just spoken to the current Governor, Alexander Uss. Yes, he has certainly done a lot for the development of the region. We can see what has been done with the regional funds in the past few years, and you see this as well, as a Deputy Finance Minister of Russia.

I am sure that the transfer of affairs will take place in a business-like and friendly manner. If need be, you can always rely on what has been done, on his experience as Governor. I have no doubt that a business-like atmosphere will continue.

For my part, I wish you all the best. And, of course, after you assume your responsibilities and start working on the problems you will have to deal with, we will certainly meet again. We will talk and discuss everything you think necessary to ensure the best progress, the best results in developing the Krasnoyarsk Territory, while doing this, of course, for the benefit of the people who live in a territory that is so large and vital to Russia.

All the best, and good luck to you!

Mikhail Kotyukov: Thank you very much, Mr President.

April 20, 2023, Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region