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Inspection of submarine sunk during Great Patriotic War

July 27, 2019, Gogland Island, Leningrad Region

Vladimir Putin inspected the Sch-308 Semga, which sank during the Great Patriotic War. The trip in the submersible craft to the depth of 50 metres lasted about an hour.

The President attended the placement of a memorial plaque at the site of the submarine disaster. The lights were dimmed after that and the ceremony participants honoured the memory of the perished submariners with a minute of silence.

Prior to the submersion, head of the expedition Bowing to the Ships of the Great Victory Konstantin Bogdanov told the President about the struggle of the Soviet submariners against the Nazi invaders in the Baltic Sea and about the fate of the Sch-308.

Vladimir Putin also saw the map of the Baltic Sea with marks of the sites where Soviet submarines were lost, and a diagram of the current condition of the Sch-308.

* * *

The Sch-308 Semga submarine took position in the area of the Finnish island of Uto in the Baltic Sea in September 1942. Its commander later reported the destruction of the enemy’s three transport vessels. However, the Semga sustained damage and did not come back from the mission.

During the May 2018 expedition Bowing to the Ships of the Great Victory, the hull of the submarine was discovered when the underwater sonar was scanning the seabed to the north of Bolshoi Tyuters Island. The submarine was identified to have sunk due to an explosion of a German mine. All of the 40-man crew died.

July 27, 2019, Gogland Island, Leningrad Region