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Meeting with representatives of public on social support

January 22, 2020, Usman

During his trip to Usman, Lipetsk Region, Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the public to discuss social support measures for Russian citizens outlined in the Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon.

As far as I understand, not only local residents but also representatives of other regions are present here today – but we chose this place to come and see how some things that I spoke about in the Address recently are being implemented, and to figure out how these things can and should be done in other regions.

The locals probably know this, but for those who do not live here permanently, I want to say that this is a small town with 20,000 to 25,000 residents. It is developing very well, and healthcare is given due attention. We just stopped at a children’s clinic – it was built in five months. Honestly, even for me this is surprising. It was not just built but it has the necessary equipment; it is a modern, smart clinic using IT, and it is almost fully staffed.

Then we toured an art school – the former district committee of the party. The building was completely upgraded, and now a lot of children attend this school and really enjoy it. Of course, there are still issues related to further upgrading and transport – we will address and resolve them. But overall, this is a good example of what is called imitation and replication.

Let us move on to our agenda. It is very important for me to hear your opinion about what was said in the Address. I know representatives of various public organisations and the volunteer movement are present here – so let us hold a council on what you heard and what you would like to see in the implementation of the set goals.

Please, let us start without long opening remarks.


January 22, 2020, Usman