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Meeting with Acting Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov

August 29, 2017, The Kremlin, Moscow

Acting Head of the Republic of Mordovia briefed the President on the socioeconomic situation in the region.

Mr Volkov described a number of major agricultural and industrial projects carried out in the region.

The requests from Mordovian residents that the President received during Direct Line were discussed separately.

* * *


Acting Head of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov: Mr President, I would like to thank you. Last time you signed letters for me and now we are resolving all the issues related to the second stage of the fibre-optic plant at an accelerated pace. I think we will launch construction very soon and will overcome our dependence on fibre-optic imports once and for all in a year or two.

I also reported to you that our pharmaceutical plant – Biokhimik – began working on its own antibiotics. We established an institute on their development and now we are organising production. We have received our first Russian antibiotic substance. I would like to show it to you. This is the first Russian antibiotic substance, a new generation of antibiotics.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good, please pass on my congratulations to everyone who worked on this.

Vladimir Volkov: I will. In February, we will complete the works on production and will have four Russian antibiotics on December 31. In February, we will launch their production and will manufacture both the substance and antibiotics.

Such antibiotics exist already. The current work is aimed at import replacement but now we are developing a new antibiotic that does noes exist anywhere in the world. I believe I will report to you at one point that we have them. The plant’s capacity for antibiotics will be seven billion.

I would like to report to you that we continue developing other clusters. We had difficulties with carriage building. As you know, this was a difficult market. Last year we entered the markets of Cuba and Iran. This year we will make 4,500 carriages. About 5,000 people are working in this sector and this is very important for us. This is a solution of the problem – we will get a big advantage in the social sphere in the Republic of Mordovia.

A few words about new areas. We have a technology park jointly with the university and one plant. We have developed silicon carbide (this is a new semi-conductor of the post-silicone generation) and a chain for semi-conductors. Now our task is to make them from silicon carbide. They will be used at high temperatures – in the defence industry and the like.


August 29, 2017, The Kremlin, Moscow