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Opening of Zaryadye Concert Hall

September 8, 2018, Moscow

On City Day, Vladimir Putin attended the opening of the Moscow Concert Hall Zaryadye.

The President was told about the construction of the concert hall. After a brief tour of the foyer, the President attended a performance by the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra under Valery Gergiev.

Moscow Concert Hall Zaryadye has Russia’s best acoustics and technology. The interior space is transformable, capable of hosting contemporary multi-genre projects as well as classical music concerts.

* * *

Address at the opening of the Moscow Concert Hall Zaryadye

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, friends, Mr Sobyanin [Moscow Mayor],

I am pleased to welcome you all to the Moscow Concert Hall Zaryadye. In what is a true City Day gift to both Muscovites and tourists, it is today opening with a concert by world stars and the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra.

The hall is to become the heart and soul of the one-of-a-kind park right in the centre of our country’s capital. It is to build on the inimitable image of Moscow and all of Russia. It is an embodiment of our nation’s pride in historical achievements, but also its readiness to make new creations, and to go forward, of course, only forward.

The very name of this part of the city, Zaryadye, is both very beautiful and very old. It lies close to Red Square, great monuments of the past and sacred sites that have inspired our famous fellow Russians, our outstanding composers.

One of the latter, Modest Mussorgsky, dedicated to Zaryadye a uniquely beautiful overture Dawn over the Moskva River, a work that showed Russia’s rise, development and triumph. Today, as far as I know, the piece will be performed in this remarkable hall, which was built using cutting-edge technological, technical and architectural solutions. Zaryadye is truly a concert hall of the future.

All those who were involved in the implementation of this fine project have done so for Muscovites, for the connoisseurs of music in Russia and around the world. These are the builders, architects, engineers, high-technology experts and, of course, the moving spirits of the project: Valery Gergiev and the Moscow Government.

I want to heartily thank you for building this magnificent concert hall. I am certain that it will play a significant role in securing Moscow’s status as a leading music capital on the planet.

The Zaryadye Hall has already become part of the single cultural, creative and educational space in Moscow. This is a place where both Muscovites and tourists can become acquainted with outstanding works of art and exceptional performers, discover new names and talents that Russia is so renowned for and so proud of. It is to attract children, young people, people of any age.

It is important for colourful, interesting festivals and concerts to be attended by people from all over Russia, and of course from abroad. We will always be pleased to welcome those travelling here so that music can help them better understand Russia.

A world-class concert hall such as this one could have only been built in a city that is developing constantly and becoming more people-friendly with each year.

This is big and demanding work that is not limited to bringing forward individual, large and spectacular buildings. It is ongoing everywhere in the city, in every courtyard, every entrance hall, street, park, outpatient clinic, school, at new metro stations and in cutting-edge technoparks. With the improvement effort, all of Moscow is smartening up.

The city is full of vivaciousness, of every colour of life, of its characteristic grand scale, and the tireless energy of those who are making the city more beautiful. We see these people turn Muscovite’s ideas and hopes into real and useful projects. The new projects are implemented by Moscow residents for Moscow residents, and also for visitors.

I sincerely wish that the music that will grace this beautiful hall will unite people, imbue them with moral energy, and inspire them to good thoughts, actions and achievements.

I would like to once again congratulate Muscovites on City Day. I wish you every success. I wish our beloved capital and all of Russia to prosper.

Thank you for your attention.

September 8, 2018, Moscow