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Vladimir Putin congratulated Moscow residents on City Day

September 11, 2021, Moscow

The President attended a gala at the Zaryadye concert hall, celebrating the 874th anniversary of Moscow.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Dear Moscow residents, friends,

Mr Sobyanin,

I congratulate all of you on Moscow Day.

This holiday, as much as our beautiful capital, unites millions of Russian citizens, all those who love Moscow, honour its centuries-long history which is inseparably connected with the emergence and growth of Russia’s statehood.

One cannot but admire Moscow and its special spirit. Majestic and proud, it did not freeze in its decorous solemnity as it preserves the wisdom of an old city and moves in tune with the time and its avalanche changes. It lives the fast-paced life of innovation, just as one of the world’s largest metropolises should.

Moscow is busting with this unique energy of motion, the energy of great and daring goals and advanced achievements in diverse spheres – business, education, science, culture and sport.

The city’s transformation is dynamic: large infrastructure projects are underway here, high standards are set in developing environmentally-friendly and comfortable public transport, new metro lines and stations are being opened. This spring the city got its first new railway station since the start of last century – Vostochny.

Surface metro is also set to expand. It will connect Moscow with the Moscow Region and is eagerly awaited by millions of residents both in the city and the region.

The renovation of the Moskva-river embankments is nearing completion. A one-of-a-kind multi-purpose House of Culture will open shortly in the renovated building of the historical hydropower station building near Zaryadye.

Thanks to the relocation programme, tens of thousands of city residents have already moved into modern homes. Parks, green areas, courtyards and playgrounds are being actively improved in residential areas.

The construction of the Vorobyovy Gory Centre, the largest technology valley, has been launched. It will unveil breakthrough opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members of Moscow State University, for all those who align themselves with science and innovations, and will generally help to make a crucial step in the scientific and technological development of the nation. Cutting-edge technologies and convenient modern services have already become routine for Moscow residents.

The city is changing, but it retains its authenticity: the charm of its lanes, old estates and mansions. Its unique historical, cultural and architectural heritage attracts both its residents and visitors to the city and certainly commands careful and respectful attitude and joint efforts of the city authorities, volunteers, proactive citizens and caring people. I am confident that such a fruitful partnership will continue to develop further.


Regrettably, it is for the second year running that we are marking this day amid the challenging circumstances of the pandemic. I believe that many of you will agree that Moscow has become a shining example of efficacy in combating this threat, finding a balance between the restrictions that had to be enforced to save thousands of lives and a normal life and development of our metropolis. Major credit for this goes to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who is not shirking the responsibility of making the necessary but not always popular decisions. Credit for this also goes to the entire management team of Moscow.

By and large, Moscow businesses, industrial facilities and construction enterprises provide a positive example when it comes to overcoming the decline caused by the pandemic and have demonstrated a good growth rate, which has already exceeded the 2019 level.

The city’s doctors, medical nurses and ambulance teams – in fact, all our medical workers continue working selflessly to the best of their abilities under extra strain and despite the fatigue of these challenging months. They are devising more effective treatment methods, working to save lives and helping their colleagues in the regions.

The Russian scientific school and Moscow scientists have created reliable vaccines – Sputnik V, Sputnik Light and CoviVac. Dear friends who have gathered in this hall – unfortunately, we could not invite everyone who has attained such results – I would like to ask you to pass on our gratitude to these scientists and give our greetings to them once again.

I want to thank all Moscow residents for their patience and endurance, and our volunteers, who are always at the forefront of helping people, for their kind hearts.

Moscow has always been and will remain a consolidating and unifying centre of our vast country. During the times of trial, while working to implement our common plans, on weekdays and holidays – at all times Russia and its capital always remain inseparable.

Our congratulations to you, Moscow!

Dear Moscow residents, congratulations on Moscow Day!

I would like to thank all of you and wish you a happy holiday.

September 11, 2021, Moscow