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Videoconference with Sevmash Plant

July 27, 2014, Severomorsk

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues. I congratulate you on Navy Day.

I know that this is a double holiday for you in the shipbuilding industry because you had planned to begin work on two submarines, but now it will be three new submarines. This is a big event for the navy. Please, you have the floor.

Sevmash General Director Mikhail Budnichenko: Mr President, in full accordance with the state arms programme that you approved, and in keeping with the timetable the Defence Ministry approved, we have begun work on three new nuclear submarines: Knyaz Oleg (fifth Borei class submarine), the strategic submarine Khabarovsk, and another Yasen-class modernised 885M design submarine.

All work has been carried out in strict accordance with the design specifications and has been certified by military commission 1059 of the Defence Ministry.

That was General Director of Sevmash Mikhail Budnichenko reporting.

Vladimir Putin: Good.

Mr Borisov, does this make you happy?

Deputy Defence Minister Yury Borisov: Mr President, financing provisions have been made in full for this work and the project specifications have been approved with the shipbuilders. We expect Sevmash to complete the agreed work on time and in full accordance with the contract terms.

Vladimir Putin: Mr Rogozin?

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin: Mr President, my congratulations on Navy Day.

I want to say that stable work is underway not just at Sevmash but also at the neighbouring Zvezdochka plant. I visited this plant yesterday. They have also completed a new ship, the heavy transport ship Akademik Kovalev. The Government’s military-industrial commission is working in direct contact with the heads of our plants to settle all matters that arise, including social issues, because the main thing now is people themselves of course, their mood and the opportunities they have for realising their potential. Everything is going fine on the whole. 

Vladimir Putin: I wish the shipbuilders good luck then. All the best!

July 27, 2014, Severomorsk