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Congratulations to Murmansk Region residents

May 27, 2023

Vladimir Putin congratulates residents of the Murmansk Region on its 85th anniversary.

The message reads, in part:

“The history of the Kola Peninsula in the Arctic was written by brave, resolute and talented people. Thanks to their dedication and sincere desire to benefit the Fatherland in these harsh conditions, large transport infrastructure facilities have been built, and a lot has been done to build up the region’s industrial potential and ensure the security of Russia’s northwestern borders.

The Murmansk Region has important competitive advantages, the major of them being qualified personnel and the creative energy of the people. Today, your key priorities include improving the quality of life, urban land improvement in cities and towns, improving the social sphere and housing and utilities, strengthening industries such as energy, the construction complex, tourism, fishing, efficient development of natural resources, and implementing strategic programmes for the development of the Arctic, like the Murmansk transport hub and Northern Sea Route.

I am sure that you will continue to preserve and increase the glorious labour traditions laid down by many generations of your fellow countrymen, with your initiative and determination to contribute to the solutions of important tasks for the benefit of the Murmansk Region and all of Russia.”

May 27, 2023